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Travelling to Laos

Laos is the only landlocked nation in Southeast Asia flanked Myanmar, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, it has been at the center of action geographically, economically, culturally, and politically for many centuries. Laos is a must visit country for all those who would value Buddhist ideology and culture and colonial architecture especially after being under French rule during most of its modern history.

monuments in Laos

Getting to Laos

The most convenient air access into Laos would be through Bangkok, the capital of Thailand which serves the airports of Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Pakse. There are ample connections from Bangkok and it would be the best access into the country.

Road access id also easy with day night buses plying from most of the major cities in the countries surrounding Laos. A visa would be required which could be obtained on arrival at any point of entry and it is not much of a hassle with the loatians promoting tourism very vigorously.

Luang Prabang Range

If you are aspiring to travel to Laos it would be in your best interests to acquire a thorough knowledge of what the country has to offer as the fair on offer could be quite diverse and wide. Tourism has been growing at a very moderate rate since 1990 with 80,000 visitors during that time increasing to more than 2,000,000 at present. On the economic side Laos has raked in less than US $ 1.0 billion during the early 2010’s which is expected to cross US $ 1.6 billion by the year 2020. This has made Laos tourist friendly with about 10% of all jobs made available in the country being generated in the tourist industry.

wood houses at river in Laos

The authorities in charge of developing the tourist industry in Laos have come up with a very unique and eye catching slogan to take their country into the future. “Simply beautiful” is what they have called their country and one that is apt to go with what the country has to offer a wide cross section of visitors who would care to visit this country of stupendous beauty.

Those visiting Laos could take time to see what Cambodia its neighbor to its southwest has to offer too which would be to kill two birds with one stone as they are both countries with much to see and enjoy. The best time to travel to Cambodia and Laos would be when the weather is dry with no rain and warm to keep those from the cold climes happy and joyful. The time you should select should be between the months of October and April, with a flurry of visitors and the whole country in a very vibrant mood. Tourism adds much to the Laos economy hence it is a great source of income for many with every Laotian trying to put up a brave smile and welcome visitors to their economically downtrodden nation.

waterfall in Laos

There are many Laos tourist attractions from which any discerning visitor could choose from depending on his or her preferences which are all affordable as the Laotian currency the Kip has been spirally downwards against the United States dollar. Since September 1,1997 the Kip which exchanged at 1,021 Kips has spiraled to 8,400 Kips by end of July 2018. This has made those who intend to travel to Laos and attractive proposition as they would be able to afford much of what the country has to offer and it is one major aspect for the rising number of visitors to the country in the recent past.

Safe country to travel to

The capital of Laos, the city of Vientiane is much safer that any comparative western capital but with the suburbs and countryside steeped in poverty there could be incidents of petty crime. It would be advisable to avoid being compromised when traveling within the city, the suburbs or the countryside. Crime is generally low and it could be said that Laos would be a better country to visit compared to most other countries in Southeast Asia.

Tourist attractions in Laos

Luang Prabang is a UNESCO World Heritage City hence has much to offer every discerning visitor whatever his or her choice may be. The city is sprinkled with a very good selection of Buddhist temples which would keep you spellbound and stupefied looking at their sheer elegance in color and splendor. A trip to the Phousi Mountain whilst in Luang Prabang would cap the visit as the sunset from the mountain top would be spectacular and worth every moment when the Sun dips down into the horizon.

Luang Prabang house in Laos

Everything around Laos is steeped in religious especially Buddhist culture and there is a feeling of serenity that would envelop you when you are in their precincts. Savannakhet, Bokeo, Champasak are all places of tourist interest and should be listed on your itinerary.

Savannakhet in Laos

The capital Vientiane is rich in French architecture interspersed with ancient Buddhist culture both blending harmoniously together giving the city a special place among all other capitals around Southeast Asia. None other capital could offer such a splendid flash of color and sober colonial buildings all within a very few square kilometers.

The capital of Laos Vientiane

The countryside is mostly un-spoilt from modern urban city life which most westerners who would travel to Laos would enjoy and something that money cannot buy back home. The rice paddies in rich green when young and turning golden when ripe makes Laos a pleasant country to visit for relaxation and for a peaceful few days to those running busy lives back home.

The countryside of Laos

The night market in the capital, the Buddha Park, That Luang- the great stupa of Vientiane, the Patuxai Victory monument, and the Lao National Museum are just some of the very prominent places which should be on any visitors agenda.

the Buddha Park in Laos

Laos has some do’s and don’ts in keeping with the Buddhist culture that the Laotians have been exposed to and it would be respectful if all visitors take an interest to apprise themselves about them prior to venturing out on around the country.

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