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Jordan is located in the heart of the Holy Land. Holidays in Jordan are the perfect choice for everyone! The rich cultural and historical past of the country will not leave anyone indifferent. The country has special popularity among pilgrims due to the fact that it has been a witness of the birth of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Here are a great number of Holy Places: the place of the baptism of Jesus Christ, Mount Nebo, Anjar town, where the famous Church of Our Lady and the Jordan River are located.

ruins of old building in Jordan

Is it safe to travel to Jordan?

Jordan is one of the safest and quietest countries in the Arab world. Crime is almost absent; there are no disturbances and unrest in the streets. Order and calmness are preserved by police patrols and friendly, hospitable residents.

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There are two seas in Jordan – Red Sea and healing Dead Sea, and therefore you will not have any problems with finding a suitable beach. The only beach resort in the country is Aqaba on the Red Sea coast. The clearest water, picturesque landscapes (the city is surrounded by mountains), cozy hotels, interesting attractions – here is everything you need for a good rest. If your aim is health improvement it is better to go to the Dead Sea. Local spa centers offer a variety of treatments based on unique salt waters and mud, returning youth and healing from serious ailments.

Do you think that Jordan is just a relaxation on the beach or examination of ancient ruins? It is not true. Jordan has prepared a lot of entertainment for those who need adrenaline. You can be engaged in diving among coral reefs. The picturesque flora and fauna of the Red Sea will give you an unforgettable experience! Hot air balloon flights, paragliding over the Wadi Rum desert and hiking in the mountains are also at your disposal.

What is more, if your soul wants adventure, you can rent an SUV and cross the country from north to south, visiting the most famous biblical and historical places. But the best way to learn real Jordan is to cross the desert and the central highlands together with a real caravan with camels.

ruins in Aqaba

Jordan tourist attractions

Ancient city of Petra. It is a fortress city. There is still no agreement whether it is a capital or a necropolis of the ancient Nabataean state. Founded more than 4 thousand years ago, Petra is located in a mountainous area near the valley of Wadi Musa.’

Petra view with camels

Jerash. The ancient city of Jerash takes the second place among tourists after Petra. People have been living in this place for 6,500 years. Jerash is located in a valley surrounded by wooded hills and fertile valleys.

ruins of Jerash in Jordan

Wadi Rum. Wadi Rum is an amazing place, untouched by civilization. Wind and sun have impacted the local landscape for millennia so strongly, that it is a reason of the formation of unique rocks, arches, canyons and wells.

Wadi Rum in Jordan

Mount Nebo. It is the pride of Jordan, a holy place and an amazing corner of the Earth, which is noted in the Bible. It is said that it is a death place of the prophet Moses, and most importantly the place where God showed him the Promised Land.

Amman Citadel. The fortress mountain or the Citadel is the heart of Amman and its main historical core. To visit this place means to touch the history and feel the rhythm of life.

The Dead Sea. It is a unique natural monument and a natural healing place. This salty lake, which is 400 m below the level of the world’s oceans, is considered the most saline water body on the planet.

saline water of the dead sea

Umayyad Palace. It is a partially preserved complex of buildings. At one time, this palace was destroyed by an earthquake.

Madaba. It is another “pearl” of Jordan – Madaba. The city, which gained the title “city of mosaics”, was founded about 4,5 thousand years ago. It is known as a center of Christianity in the Middle East.

biuldings of city Madaba

Ahl Al Kahf Cave. It is an ancient burial place and a holy place for Christians and Muslims. It is located in the south of Amman. Arab sources date back this place to era of the Romans. This cave is also known as “Seven Sleepers”.

Herod’s Palace. Ruins of the palace of Herod the Great are in an hour drive from Madaba along the scenic “Road of Kings”. It is believed that Herod gave orders to decapitate John the Baptist at the request of Salome.

Pella. It is a city full of antiquities. For example, there are the Odeon Theater, an ancient settlement of six millennia, remains of fortified cities of the Bronze and Iron Ages, the ruins of Byzantine churches and a residential quarter of the early Islamic period.

ruins of Pella in Jordan

Al-Salt. This is an ancient town, which is located not far from Amman. It is a typical Ottoman city, where dominates the spirit of the Ottoman Empire. What is more, the city is greatly preserved.

buildings of ancient city Al-Salt

Kerak Castle. It is located at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level in the old city. Today the population of Al Karak is about 170 thousand people. It attracts tourists with a large number of well-preserved Ottoman buildings of the XIX century.

Ma’in Hot Springs. One of the oldest resorts in Jordan is Ma’in Hot Springs, where thousands of years ago Romans came to improve their health or just relax in the healing waters. After many years, this place is still very popular – here vacationers can get a variety of wellness procedures.

Ma'in Hot Springs resort in Jordan

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