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Why to Choose Kyoto as a Next Travel Destination?

Kyoto stands second amongst the cities with most number of World Heritage Sites, only after Rome but even during the season of spring which is undoubtedly the best time to visit the city and the huge turnout of travellers and tourists it has somehow been magically able to be peacefully silent and alive at the same time unlike Rome. The city is full of charm and romance and it has a strong charisma that makes you feel the love of nature and the warmth of ancient cultural heritage that the city has preserved from the past. It has a unique aura of its own which can posses anyone and make them forget about anything. Walking on the retro railway tracks, in the spring with flowers blossoming all around, the ponds and lakes nearby, the butterflies and the colourful birds, and most importantly the heritage sites is a unique combination that can make you forget everything else and surrender yourself to the beauty that it is.

Top Attractions to See in Kyoto

The Kinkaku-ji Temple

This one is a Zen Buddhist temple also termed as the Golden Pavilion, the pond and the greenery surrounding it makes a place crowd attraction. It has the essence of the history it has seen and formerly it was a villa of Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu which was built in the 14th century. The place is a cheerful yet peaceful place to spend quality time with loved ones and in solitude as well; a place where you can sit by the pond and keep losing yourself to your inner self while continuously gazing at the beauty around you and that makes it one of the best places to visit in Kyoto. A place that can fill you up with positivity and good vibes, which can make your creativity flourish like never before, a place to visit for introspection and self motivation.

The Kinkaku-ji Temple in Kyoto

The Katsura Imperial Villa

A creative and innovative work of architecture which symbolises the golden age of Japan and if you are looking for the best of Kyoto then you must know that this Villa is not just a usual one but it also consists of one of the most beautiful gardens. If that didn’t make you want to visit this place then try to imagine the front view where there are a few gardens around a large pool and behind them is this symbolic piece of architecture and in the background are the beautiful mountains. This is a scenic beauty that is something which is not even achievable in imagination while The Katsura Imperial Villa stands there as the living proof.

Nijo Castle

This place comprises of several buildings and palaces which have their own historic significance and are home to historic art and paintings. The castle has its own wall and towers and the most splendid Palaces which are linked to each other through corridors. The buildings have unique architecture and interior and also the inscriptions made on them are beautifully carved. This place is going to fill you up with curiosity and you will definitely want to know about its past and significance in the history once you visit this place. If you have only one day in your hand while travelling in Kyoto then this is the best place in Kyoto to visit.

Nijo Castle in Kyoto

The Kyoto Museum

If you thought you would just be visiting temples and shrines in Kyoto then you are wrong because this museum is something that even googling Kyoto main attractions won’t find you. This Museum which is actually known as “The Kyoto National Museum and Municipal Museum of Art” was inaugurated in 1897. The last building to be designed in this museum was a few years back in 2014. This museum is home to various arts, crafts, relics, costumes, ceramics and paintings. This museum exhibits items to all the travellers and tourists and an important aspect to note here is that not all the exhibits are shown but the permanent collection of this museum is shown in a rotation. In simpler words it’s not a onetime visit if you are fan of history and want to see and explore pieces of historical significance. To have a look at the whole collection it might take you a couple of visits on different days.


If you would like a beautifully carved staircase leading your way and a dense bamboo forest with tall bamboo trees on both your sides in the falls when the cherry blossoms then Arshiyama is the place. This is a place to just walk on and get absorbed by the beauty of it. This path further leads to the Iwatyama Monkey Park and Tenryu-Ji Temple which are again beautiful places. But Arshiyama’s staircase is going to make you feel that if there would have been a staircase to heaven this is it. The chirruping of birds, the sunset and a little cold environment bears all the warmth that is required for human being to feel alive. This place will fill you up with love and life.

Arashiyama in Kyoto

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