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Montego Bay is among the top-rated tourist attractions in Jamaica. Since it is a popular cruise ship port, a large number of tourists tend to visit here throughout the entire year. The historic plantations, sun-soaked beaches, lush countryside, and tropical gardens offer something for everyone. If you are looking for attractions in Jamaica, you shouldn’t ignore Montego Bay.

Most Prominent Tourist Attractions of Montego Bay

1.Greenwood Great House

Greenwood Great House is an antique-filled home that you can see in Montego Bay. It is owned by the family of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, who is one of the most popular English poets. You will be able to take a walk back in history by visiting Greenwood Great House. That’s because you can discover a large number of antique products, which are even older than 200 years. It is a well-preserved place available in Jamaica to deep dive and explores history.

Greenwood Great House in Montego Bay

2.Croydon in the Mountains

Croydon in the Mountains is there among Jamaica must-see attractions list. It is located in the foothills of Catadupa Mountains. This is a massive working plantation, which provides outstanding views of the countryside to the guests. You will be able to discover a variety of crops in this plantation, including citrus, pineapples, and coffee. You will be able to learn a lot about different crops while you are exploring the plantation. In addition, you can enjoy fresh juices, which are made out of the freshest fruits plucked.

3.Jungle Ziplining Tours

People who visit Montego Bay in Jamaica are provided with the opportunity to take part in outstanding Jungle Ziplining Tours. You will fall in love with the experiences that these Jungle Ziplining Tours can provide you with. That’s because you will be able to explore the surroundings, along with a massive rush of adrenaline. You can find a large number of companies that offer these zip lining tours. You will also be able to book tour packages, which include mountain adventures. You will also be provided with refreshments and tropical fruit tastings when you go ahead with this kind of a tour.

Jungle Ziplining Tours in Montego Bay

4.Dunn’s River Falls

Among the most popular natural attractions in Jamaica, you can find the name of Dunn’s River Falls as well. The Dunn’s River Falls into the sea through terraces made out of smooth limestones. You will be able to reach Dunn’s River Falls from a 90-minute drive from the Montego Bay. Therefore, it can be considered as a great method available for you to enjoy your day. Along with this tour, you can also visit Nine Mile, which is the birthplace of Bob Marley.

Dunn's River Falls in Montego Bay

5.Rose Hall Great House

Rose Hall Great House is a plantation home, which was constructed back in 1770. It has now been restored and people are provided with the opportunity to walk in and experience. The Rose Hall Great House is located just 20 minutes away from Montego Bay as well. It is believed that the Rose Hall Great House was ruled by a person who had black magic powers. You can witness those tales while you explore the Rose Hall Great House. In addition to that, you will also be able to witness furniture that belonged to the past.

Rose Hall Great House in Montego Bay

6.Doctor’s Cave Beach

The Doctor’s Cave Beach is a perfect beach that you can find in Jamaica. Therefore, you can also see it in the list of Jamaica must-see attractions. The calm waters that you can find in here are fed through mineral springs. It is believed that water found in Doctor’s Cave Beach contains amazing curative powers. Therefore, you must think about coming here for a swim. Due to the calm waters found, you will never find it as a challenging task to enjoy swimming in here. The area surrounding Doctor’s Cave Beach is a major tourist attraction as well.

7.Martha Brae River Rafting

When you visit Montego Bay, you should never miss out rafting in the Martha Brae River. It will be one of the most romantic experiences that you will be able to get in your entire life. On the other hand, Martha Brae River Rafting can be considered as a relaxing method available for the guests to receive a better view of Jamaica’s lush scenery countryside. You will be able to discover arranged tours, where you can go ahead with Martha Brae River Rafting. It will be a unique adventure that you will fall in love with.

Martha Brae River Rafting in Montego Bay

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