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The endless canals of Venice share cozy houses, and when you admire them, you get the impression that time at this point in the land has specifically stopped to allow you to enjoy the beauty of this city longer. Despite the high prices, there are almost always many tourists in Venice. This is a Venice travel guide to the sights of the city.

coloured hauses of Venice

Gondolas, palaces and islands of Venice — what to see

Grand Canal. It runs along the ancient mouth of the Brenta River, which separated the islands of the lagoon on which the magical city emerged. The Grand Canal is the main Venice tourist attraction, it stretches across the city. The Grand Canal begins at the Santa Lucia station and ends at the customs house, where it merges with the canals of San Marco and La Giudecca. On both sides, the Grand Canal in Venice is framed by luxurious palaces and churches that grow out of the water.

Venice travel tips, how to make a trip along the Grand Canal is the cheapest: you can lean on a vaporetto, which departs from Santa Lucia station and follows the whole canal. The total duration of the route is about one hour, and the cost is 6.5 €. Option for the company: a water taxi for 12 people. The price is charged not for one place, but for the whole boat — an average of 50 €.

And finally, in the most romantic way — an elegant black boat, which is operated by a gondolier, will cost 80 euros (and more) in 40 minutes.

Grand Canal in Venice

The island of Murano. The Venetian island of Murano is known all over the world for glass blowing. The best examples of Venetian glass were created in the Murano workshops. On the island there is a Museum of Glass, which exhibits a rich collection of Venetian glass from the 15th to 20th centuries, as well as finds made by archaeologists on the island, the earliest of which date back to the 3rd century. The glass museum is located in the Palazzo Giustiniani (stopping the vaporetto Murano Museo, open from Thursday to Tuesday 10:00-17:00).

The streets of Murano housed an exposition of works made of glass, among which there are quite large ones. Is it worth mentioning the myriad of shops and shops of Murano glass throughout the island.

The island of Murano from Venice can be reached by vaporetto routes 41 and 42 from the stop Fondamente Nove, the journey takes about 10 minutes.

The island of Murano in Venice

Ducal Palace. Approaching Venice from the sea, you will see a shimmering facade of a gentle pink hue. It is the Palazzo Ducale, a popular Venice and all Italy attraction, a place known all over the world.

The entrance to the palace of Venice is from the side of the embankment. At the entrance of the guests meets the ladder of the Giants, named for the two crowning giants – the statues of Mars and Neptune. At the top of the staircase, the coronation ceremony of the Doges was performed. The palace in Venice is decorated with the best masters of its time. In the palace halls the richest collection of Venetian painting is collected.

The ticket price is 16 € for adults, 8 € for children from 6 to 14 years and students from 15 to 25 years. Children under 5 years old admission is free.

Ducal Palace in Venice

The Rialto Bridge. The bridge in Venice is located in the historical district of Rialto, near the eponymous jetty. Rialto is an arch bridge over the Grand Canal. The Rialto Bridge is the oldest and the three bridges thrown across the city’s main waterway. From the observation platforms located on Rialto, a magnificent view of the Grand Canal opens.

The Rialto Bridge was built in the 13th century and was originally wooden. Interestingly, it was sliding: under it freely floated large vessels. On the bridge jewelery shops and souvenir shops are opened.

Panoramic of Rialto bridge at night,

Piazza San Marco. In Venice Italy travel you must visit this place. The Piazza San Marco is located in the center of Venice, on the banks of the Grand Canal. You can get to the square by sowing on Vaporetto on the Grand Canal.

This is the main square in Venice. It enters all the Venice Top attractions. In the area of San Marco Square is the beautiful St. Mark’s Cathedral, listed as a UNESCO heritage site and the Doge’s Palace. On the waterfront, behind the square is a small park with a view of the Grand Canal. On the square is a high chapel, which you can climb for 8 € and see the beautiful panorama of Venice.

Piazza San Marco is the main tourist destination in Venice. There are many restaurants and cafes, souvenir shops and clothing stores. It should be noted that the prices of goods and food in this place are among the highest in Venice.

Piazza San Marco in Venice

The island of Burano. It was famous all over the world for it’s skillful lace. Lacy craftsmanship is flourishing today in Burano. The shops with the products of Buranо lacemakers come across at every step. On the island there is a Museum of lace, which presents the best examples of art lacework from the 15th to the 20th century.

A special charm to the island attached, lined along the narrow channels of colored houses. These houses belonged to fishermen. The bright coloring of the dwellings, visible from afar, helped the fishermen, who emerged into the lagoon’s waters early in the morning, easily find their way home.

The Burano Island from Venice can be reached by vaporetto routes 41 and 42 from Santa Lucia Railway Station. Also to Burano follows the route of the Vaporetto LN (from the stop of S. Zaccaria).

The island of Burano in Venice

St. Mark’s Cathedral. Basilica of San Marco — the main attraction of Venice, the most “hot” tourist point of the city. Atrium entrance leads to the entrance to the cathedral, the vaults of which are covered with mosaic. Inside you are waiting for an acquaintance with one of the most striking and richly decorated cathedrals of the world. The floor of the temple is lined with multicolored marble. The dome and arches of San Marco are covered with a gold mosaic of the work of Byzantine and Venetian masters, who worked on canvases for about four centuries.

On the territory of the cathedral works St. Mark’s Museum. Visit time is from 09:45 to 16:45. The entrance fee is 5 €.

The Piazza San Marco is the historical center of the religious, social and political life of Venice. Here, too, are the oldest Venetian cafe “Quadri”, “Florian”, in which Goethe, George Byron, Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway and Joseph Brodsky sat in a cup of coffee.

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