If you have not seen crazy architectural buildings, you are about to hear about one. This is a church built in the vertical midway of a cliff. This church on side of the mountain is built in a weird location. A place you cannot expect to have a building. This location is in a cool environment. The only thing you can hear is the voice of nature. Holy men used to come here for self-reflection. The church was later built for anyone who wanted to have a spiritual moment. The church has undergone numerous construction. At first, it was a small structure. Today, it has been reconstructed to expand it. Have you ever thought of a building standing in between a cliff? Looking at it from a distance, you will think that it is hiding from the public.

There are two options for getting to Madonna Della Corona. The first option is using a shuttle bus. It will take you up the cliff easily. You can also decide to do it in a more exercising manner. The hike from the bottom to the mid cliff is interesting. Your hike is surrounded by nature and people. You won’t feel lonely or tired. Exercising is also good for your health. The hike will also be more worthwhile because of the views. From this church, you are able to see the vast green and beautiful nature. The cliff overlooks a wonderful world below.

Reasons You Should Visit the Church

Paying pilgrimage is the most important reason why locals visit this place. This was the major reason for the construction of the church. It is a holy place. But some tourist is not into paying pilgrimage. So, why should they waste their time? This church on side of the mountain is now a tourist attraction site on its own. Its location is enough to drive you crazy. Before getting there, you will think that it suspends in the air. But of course, it does. Have you ever seen another building with such a location? Knowing and seeing the location of this church is one reason you should take that step.

Another reason is the views. Assuming that you were on a hike on Mt. Kilimanjaro and stopped midway, what would you see? What you see from Mount Kilimanjaro is nothing compared to this. The view from M.t Kilimanjaro is blocked by the trees. From this church, you are able to see spectacular views that are not blocked. You are in the middle of a cliff. There are no trees growing on a cliff. The life below looks attractive and relaxing. The forest is green and calm. The spiritual spirits seem to contribute to the calmness of the forest.

There are many things to see around the church also. Some of these things include pieta. It is the Virgin Mary’s statue holding the body of Christ. It is alleged that this stature came from an island in Greece. Other things to see include Scala Sancta, steps that Jesus used on his way to trial. You will also find Six Veronese bells, Chapel of Confessions among other things. Everything is connected to spiritual life and things that happened during the life of Christ.

Things You Should Know Before Going to This Church

Appropriate Dressing

You cannot wear a shoulder-off or anything above the knee to this place. Most parts of your body should be covered. You already know that this place is holy and associates with the original inhabitants of the area. We know that traditionally people wore clothes that covered them all the way. Maybe you should carry an appropriate outfit for this purpose.

Consider Wearing Flat Shoes

Ladies are mostly in problem because of high-heeled shoes. You can get there and decide to take the steps or use the road to the sanctuary. The road and the steps have a steeply inclined form. Heeled or shoes with poor grip will not be favorable for this hike.

Carry a Bottle of Water

That long hike, if you opt for one, will leave you yearning for a glass of water. Visiting during the summer season can leave you feeling thirsty. A bottle of water should be in your hands. Most importantly, respect the rules and the religious people you will find there. Everyone is participating in various activities, keep your distance. Respect whatever everyone is doing.


Sanctuary of Madonna Della Corona church has a lot to offer other than paying pilgrimage. Even if you are not a believer, this place is worth visiting. No one will force you to participate in the activities around. In the same case, do not be rude and disrespectful the people. Every minute you spend on this mid-cliff world, you learn a lot. There are a lot of things to see and meditate about. The place will give you a calm environment to unwind from your thoughts.

Whatever means you use getting to Madonna Della Corona, the payoff will not disappoint you. You will not regret taking that hike or the shuttle bus. You will experience the best you could ever think about. It is not just about believers, it is a world for all. A day spent in this sanctuary and its environs will awaken a different person in you.

Coming here suffering from depression or stress will be helpful. You will get to think about your life and do self-reflection. The therapeutic effects will start the moment you start your hike. This is because you are here to experience what you don’t in your daily life. Be different for one day.

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