Cingue Terre

Why do people like to travel?

Do you like travelling? There is hardly a person who does not. But have you ever wondered why so? It is a common fact that seeing new places and meeting new people helps to reboot mind and find inspiration in every sphere of life. Besides, nowadays we have unlimited opportunities to discover the world around us.

In general, all tourists can be divided into two broad categories:

    1. Those, who visit world’s famous attractions and does not care about thousands of people around them;
    2. Tourists, who seek for marvelous unknown places, adventures hunters.

Despite the fact that almost every little place has been already discovered, there are still lots of them unknown to a common tourist.

One of them is Cinque Terre, which means “Five Lands” and it is situated in Italy. It consists of 5 little fishing villages: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Cornoglia, Vernazza, Monterosso, and are placed on one of the most wonderful coastal sceneries in the world. Cinque Terre remains untouched medieval architecture, which is perfectly combined with natural land scenery, the mountains and the sea.

Looking back at time, Cinque Terre was not open for a tourist because of its coast line and the absence of any roads. Nowadays it is one of the most exemplary Italian highlights with an authentic culture which hasn’t been interrupted by industrialization. This place still preserves antique architecture, making it a highly romantic destination. The villages are connected with amazing coastal and mountain trails.

How to get there?

Cinque Terre is isolated by the Italian Riviera, which makes it hardly reachable. Having strong nerves, you can travel by a car, but there are some narrow cliff-edge roads between all villages and when you get there, you will have to spend lots of money on parking.

The best way to get to Cinque Terre is by train. Another good option is ferries, which run from the ports in Genoa, Portofino and Porto Venere. You can also rent a yacht there and admire that marvelous coastal line with a comfort.

How long to stay?

First of all, forget about one day trip. This place needs at least 5 days to feel the atmosphere and character of all five villages. One of the features of Cinque Terre is that it makes you to forget about time. You have to take it slow and follow your feelings, open your mind and enjoy this tremendous ancient spirit. Whether you discover some centre with its magical twists or hike up on the mountain spots – it will make you feel alive.

Where to stay

Accommodation there is expensive and very often is already booked, so you have to care about it in advance. Also there are some hotels with various price politics – from extra cheap to extremely luxurious.

What to see?

As Cinque Terre was pretty isolated and there are no cars, walking is the only way to see all its attractions. Moreover, for many centuries it also was the only way to reach the outer world. All paths lead you between lovely and marvelous forests, wonderful architecture and blue sea.

There are some tourist trails which connect all villages and displays all attractions: The Sentiero Azzurro, Via dell’Amore, The Sentiero Rosso, Sanctuary walks. Remember that not all of them are easy for an unprepared tourist and requires special equipment and skills.


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