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Capri travel tips

Every person, who wants to visit Italy, will never forget this hospitable country. You will enjoy magnificent panoramic architectural complexes, clean air and picturesque beaches. The island of Capri is one of the most precious and bright pearls of Italy. Capri travel is a real holiday in paradise. Capri coast is washed by the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

It is located not far from Naples and is famous for its fantastic landscapes. Capri is absolutely amazing place. There are 15 thousand local inhabitants on the area of 10 km². There are two settlements: the cities of Anacapri and Capri. In Anacapri you can find numerous villas for rent. The city of Capri is inhabited by the majority of local residents.

Capri city at night

Tours to Capri are more expensive than to the mainland, but it’s worth it. The magnificent rest and pastime on the rocky shores of a popular resort will, surely, bring you a lot of positive emotions.

Most beaches are hidden secluded bays. Nevertheless, the beaches on Capri are very diverse. Marina Piccola beach is a perfect destination for those who need privacy. Here is a fine fish restaurant, which works only in July-August. Bagni Tiberio beach is suitable for a rest with children. Lido del Faro is another beach, located not far from Anacapri. Neat rocky terraces here are interconnected by stone steps.

rocky shores of Capri

How to travel to Capri? The best way to get to Capri is from Naples. From the air harbor of Naples, you can go to pier and use ferries and boats. The cheapest way is to go by bus – 3S. There are also comfortable buses – Alibus. Ferries to Capri from Naples run from 5:00 to 21:00.

Popular Capri attractions

The Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra). It is one of the main attractions of the island of Capri. It is a sea cave through which flows water, illuminated in such a way that it looks blue, like pure sapphire. The cave stretches for about 50 m, going deep into the cliff. Its depth is about 150 m.

The Blue Grotto in Grotta Azzurra

Villa Jovis. This is the most magnificent residences of the emperor Tiberius. In the 1st century BC the emperor ordered to build 12 villas on the island, including this one. The architectural style of the villa is mixed: the classic features of the architecture of the Roman Empire are combined here with elements characteristic of a small fortress.

Rocks of Faraglioni. Except for the Blue Grotto, the most iconic view of Capri is famous Faraglioni. In fact, “faraglioni” is a common Italian word for all rocks sticking out of the water. But the most famous Faraglioni is located in Capri. These three tower-like rocks are located near the shore.

Rocks of Faraglioni in Capri

Mount Solaro. This is Capri’s highest point. Its height reaches 589 m above sea level. Tourists can see not only the cliffs of Faraglioni and the center of the city of Capri, but also the peninsula of Sorrento, the islands of Gully and the Bay of Naples.

Certosa di San Giacomo. One of the oldest surviving buildings on the island, the monastery of San Giacomo, was built in 1371. Examining the monastery, do not forget to look up: you can see fragments of beautiful old paintings on the vaulted ceiling.

Gardens of Augustus. Walking along Piazzetta and the gardens of Augustus, originally known as the Krupp Gardens, is a classic route for those who have no time to investigate Capri, but want to experience the authentic taste of this island. The way to this place run through the center of the city of Capri and the most picturesque places, where you can enjoy stunning views of Marina Piccola bay and rocks of Faraglioni.

Gardens of Augustus in Capri

Marina Piccola. This charming cove attracts anyone. You can reach the rocks of Faraglioni or the Blue Grotto from this place. If you are in the harbor, be sure to go down the stairs to the Scoglio delle Sirene.

Historic Center of Anacapri. If Piazzetta Capri with its elegant cafes is undoubtedly the center of the glamorous public life of the island, then the old Anacapri is something quite the opposite.

Historic Center of Anacapri in Capri

The best time to travel to Capri

The island of Capri is quite an interesting and attractive place for tourists at any time of the year. There are a lot of tourists who are attracted with the winter charm of Capri. During this period there is no bustle that accompanies the summer season, when the number of tourists is quite large. The water temperature in the sea is not so comfortable, just + 15 + 17 degrees. However, this time is considered the best for resting the body, and, most importantly, the soul.

The high season in Capri lasts from May to November, when the local population of 13,000 people is increased to 500,000 thanks to tourists! Prices are incredibly high, since there are still plenty of people who want to spend time in this paradise place. After all, many tourists are willing to pay absolutely any money for such beauty. In high season all kinds of sea cruises along the magnificent coast of Capri, to the reefs of Faraglioni, as well as to neighboring islands are available.

The island of Capri in summer

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