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Are you planning to visit Tuscany, Italy? Then you need to locate the best hotels that can be found in the region for you to spend your nights. Then you will be able to walk back home with a bunch of great memories. You will also be able to spend your time in Tuscany, without worrying over anything.

Top Hotels of Tuscany

1. The St. Regis Florence

While taking a look at the best hotels to stay in Tuscany, you cannot ignore The St. Regis Florence. That’s because The St. Regis Florence is identified as one of the most iconic hotels found in the region. It is filled with old world charm and elegance. The hotel itself is located within a historic palace. All the public spaces and guest rooms in the hotel are decorated with unique elements, such as frescoes, gilt mirrors, and coffered ceilings. All the facilities that you need for a comfortable stay are available at The St. Regis Florence.

The St. Regis Florence in Tuscany

2. Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

The Four Seasons Hotel Firenze has got a rich history of more than 500 years. It is one of the most luxurious hotels that you can find in the region as well. People who stay at Four Seasons Hotel Firenze will be able to access one of the biggest private gardens in the region. This private garden spans across a total area of more than 11-acres. You will also be able to find an outdoor pool, three restaurants, and a spa at this hotel.

3. Il Pellicano

Il Pellicano is a classy hotel that you can find in Tuscany. The classical experience you can get out of this hotel comes along with luxury as well. Another great feature of this hotel is that it is located in a fascinating green hillside. You can discover 50 different spacious rooms in the hotel. All the hotel rooms are filled with understated and contemporary décor. You will also be able to get extra privacy in the detached cottages. People who are looking for the best beach hotels in Tuscany will be able to go ahead with this hotel.

Il Pellicano in Tuscany

4. Golden Tower Hotel & Spa

Golden Tower Hotel & Spa is a luxury boutique hotel. It is one of the most preferred hotels among guests who come to Tuscany. The prime location and decadent touches offered by the hotel has heavily contributed towards the popularity of it. All the guests who check-into the hotel will be able to experience rustic architectural details, sumptuous fabrics, and Italian fabrics. On the other hand, it is possible for you to discover a unique vibe in the hotel, which is opulent.

5. Fonteverde Tuscan Resort & Spa

You must add Fonteverde Tuscan Resort & Spa to the best hotels in Tuscany because it provides the guests with a range of treatments. You will love the healthcare related services that are offered at the hotel. In the hotel, there are 80 different hotel rooms. All these hotel rooms are elegantly styled. You will also be able to discover a large number of gourmet dining choices available at the hotel. On top of everything, guests who check-into the hotel are stunned with the amazing views of the Tuscan valley that they are provided with. Even though the Fonteverde Tuscan Resort & Spa is located in a remote location, you can still think about visiting there to get an absolutely great experience.

Fonteverde Tuscan Resort & Spa in Tuscany

6. Villa Cora

Villa Cora is among the best hotels to stay in Tuscany as well. That’s because it provides a combination of style and history to the guests. This hotel was constructed during the mid-19th Century. However, it was recently restored and people are provided with the opportunity to get an outstanding experience. The highlight that you can find in Villa Cora is that it has got a heated outdoor pool. It is combined along with a subterranean spa, which provides an outstanding experience to the guests.

7. The Westin Excelsior Florence

The Westin Excelsior Florence is located in a mansion, which was constructed back in the 12th Century. Therefore, it is a perfect example of one of the most historic hotels that you can find in the region as well. This is a massive hotel when compared to other hotels that you can find in the region. That’s because this hotel offers 171 luxurious hotel rooms. Some of the world-famous celebrities also prefer to stay at The Westin Excelsior Florence when they are spending their time in Italy.

The Westin Excelsior Florence in Tuscany

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