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Tel Aviv: everything you need to know about the city

A trip to Tel Aviv — like a ticket to another Israel, completely opposite to Jerusalem. Here you will not find winding and narrow streets and ancient buildings, the charm of the eastern bazaars and the brightness of traditional quarters. Tel Aviv is a city of glass and concrete, direct streets and wide freeways, fashionable hotels, fine restaurants and trendy shops. All about the city you will learn in this travel guide to Tel Aviv.

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All about travel to Tel Aviv

Safety vacation in Tel Aviv. The level of crime in Israel is low, it is a safe country. However, it is worth taking into account a couple of points to travel to Tel Aviv safes.

We recommend not to send to rest in the area on the border with Palestine and in the Sector of Gas. Be prepared for the police to check your documents – take your passport with you. They can also inspect things. It is better not to photograph or film strategic objects (stations, airport), this may be taken for espionage.

Beware of cheating when shopping and in a taxi. Refuse from unnecessary “help”. Use sunscreens and drink water in the heat. Choose beaches with rescuers and beware of jellyfish. Before the trip, take out medical insurance and take a first aid kit.

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When to go. You need to come here in the spring or autumn, it’s the best time to visit Tel Aviv when there is no summer heat and winter rains, and plunge into the world of entertainment, which are only available in the Promised Land. This city does not sleep at night, in the local nightclubs there are the most fashionable parties in all of Israel, and in the afternoon they make money in numerous business centers.

Transport. You can move around Tel Aviv by bus and minibus, there are no other types of public transport in the city. The bus routes are branched and allow easy access to all parts of the city. Also in the near future in Jerusalem it is planned to build a metro that will improve the transport situation in the city.

Travel advice for Tel Aviv: when traveling, it is worth considering that virtually all modes of transport in Tel Aviv do not work on Shabbat (from Friday evening to Saturday evening).

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Places to visit in Tel Aviv

The Great Synagogue. If there is a desire to see something unusual, you should go to the Great Synagogue. It is located in the center of the financial and business district, on one of the central streets of Tel Aviv — Allenby, east of the Shalom Tower.

From the point of view of architecture, this place deserves attention. Firstly, the Great Synagogue really impresses with its size and massive dome. Secondly, here you can see the most beautiful stained-glass windows, which are more typical for European synagogues. Such a design solution is quite unusual for local architecture. Today the synagogue is includes in top attractions in Tel Aviv for tourists, rather than local ones, which can be seen here mostly on Saturday or on holidays.

In order to enter inside, women need to dress appropriately — the headdress and no defiant dresses. Men need to wear clothes with long sleeves, and long pants.

The Great Synagogue in Tel Aviv

Habima Square. The modern architecture of Israel is closely connected with the direction of Art Nouveau, which harmoniously combines with the style of big cities. Admire this view or just relax from the hustle and bustle of coffee at one of the main city squares in Tel Aviv — Habima.

Habima Square is located in the city center, next to Rothschild Boulevard and Dizengoff Street. On it is a theater with the same name — Habima, Mann Concert Hall and a small garden.

After the recent restoration, the parking lot that occupied the whole area was moved to the ground. Now Habima has become a popular place for recreation with local residents who come here to sit in a cafe and admire the mirror surface of a fountain located in the center of the square. Also here you can look, if there is a free evening for a leisurely walk.

Habima Square in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Promenade. The beaches of Israel are pure golden sand and warm, gentle sea. City, which is a major metropolis, is also a resort city, because here in Tel Aviv port attractants are also popular. Along the western part of the city stretched a golden strip of beaches, separated from the city bustle of the famous city waterfront, which the local called “Taelet”.

The “Taelet” always boils with life — tourists and locals, runners and cyclists, jugglers and magicians, noisy companies coming out of bars and clubs, which along the promenade are packed with a great variety. Restaurants, famous for their dishes of fresh seafood, elite hotels, a port with its white ships, all this is the embankment of Tel Aviv.

For the beaches in Tel Aviv come even the inhabitants of Jerusalem. Clean sand, which is regularly sifted, showers and locker rooms — there is everything for a comfortable stay.

Tel Aviv Promenade

St. Peter’s Church. The architecture of Israel — a country that knew a lot of wars in its history — is, first of all, religious buildings of various styles and denominations. The temple of St. Peter from all the Catholic churches of Tel Aviv boasts an ancient and uneasy history.

The church is located in the north-west of the Old City of Jaffa, on Kdumim Square, near the waterfront. The modern building of the Catholic church, built in the XIX century in the Baroque style, was replaced by the Franciscan temple destroyed during the Napoleonic times and the inn for pilgrims, the fortress of the Crusaders who fell during the attack of the Mamluks and even the ancient Byzantine church.

St. Peter's Church in tel Aviv

The Cacti Garden in Holon. Gardens of Israel — is not only a measured rest and walks, but also a small fascinating journey, if we are talking about a theme park. For example, about the Garden of cacti — the largest collection of these amazing plants in the country.

The collection of the park is regularly replenished, so here you can see the rarest and unusual species of cacti and desert plants. Visit the park will be interesting not only to plant lovers, but also to families who are planning a holiday in Israel with children.

The park is located in the east of the city of Holon. From Tel Aviv, you can get there by taxi or bus number 89.

The Cacti Garden in Holon

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