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The largest state of Southeast Asia consists of more than 17,000 large and small islands lying at the junction of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Indonesia strikes with its contrasts: from Jakarta, where life bustles with activity at night and day, to the tribal villages lost in the tropical jungles, the inhabitants of which still remain in the Stone Age. At the same time, the tourist infrastructure is at the high level here. Even in the most remote corner of this island country there are hotels that meet the most demanding requirements.

When people talk about a trip to Indonesia, the vast majority of them mean Bali Indonesia travel. Bali attracts an incredible number of tourists and is one of the most famous and the most visited tropical resorts in the world. If you are planning a trip to Indonesia, your route should include Bali. Thanks to the international airport, the journey becomes much easier.

resort of Bali at night

No matter how wonderful local attractions seem, visiting them alone is not a good idea. Only guides in Indonesia know when to go to inspect sightseeing and how to behave in order not to violate religious traditions. So, in addition to choosing attractive places to visit, be sure to consider who will accompany you.

Prambanan Temple Compounds (the island of Java). All tourists who come to the island of Java must visit this amazing medieval building. It includes more than a hundred interesting Hindu and Buddhist temples, the majority of which were destroyed after earthquakes and powerful volcanic eruptions. In the first half of the 20th century, the buildings were restored. Nowadays, there are towering three temples dedicated to the gods Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma.

Prambanan Temple Compounds on the island of Java

Ubud Monkey Forest (the island of Bali). One of the most popular Indonesia tourist attractions is the monkey forest. Despite the ban, tourists like to feed monkeys. There is a small Hindu temple on the territory of the sacred forest-reserve. The guards of the temple are the macaques living in the forest. The temple is decorated with bas-reliefs and stunning statues, among which there are a lot of monkeys. Such attractions in Indonesia as this park beckon tourists with lush vegetation and freshness. It is a great pleasure to walk around it.

Ubud Monkey Forest on the island of Bali

Bat Cave Temple (the island of Bali). A visit of the cave of bats is very unusual and interesting excursion. It is located in one of the six main temples – Goa Lawah, which means “bat.” The temple was erected in the XI century. The cave has a length of 25 km. There are also a lot of secret passages; some of them lead to other temples. It is said that there is the entrance in the dungeon and it is a kind of a portal to another universe. Bat Cave attracts tourists with their mystery.

Banjar Hot Springs (Lovina beach, Bali Island). In Bali the hot springs of Banjar are considered sacred, therefore its visit is like a pilgrimage, aimed at bodily and spiritual purification. The main feature of this landmark is a pool with warm healing water, which enters it directly out of the ground. Everything is decorated in a Balinese style, which allows you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of relaxation.

Banjar Hot Springs on the Lovina beach

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces (Tabanan, Bali Island). Plantations are the pride of the island, as local people consider this a gift of Higher power. The rice is growing in the same way as a hundred years ago. The technology has hardly changed. Local people make religious rites here for a good harvest. Rice terraces as a tourist object have been known for a long time, but only the last 50 years it has gained great popularity. The government has taken it under control, and every year it becomes more convenient for foreign citizens to visit this place.

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces in Tabanan

Lake Bratan (the island of Bali). Indonesia’s sights are mostly natural objects, mountains or water bodies. Lake Bratan attracts tourists with an unusual landscape and a close location to the volcano of Batur. Here are also Tamblingan and Buyan Lake, but Bratan is the most famous. The local call Bratan the lake of the Holy Mountain and believe that if you swim in its waters, you can obtain longevity and prolong youth. The water is cool, since the depth in some places reaches 35 meters. The temple of Oolong Danu is located on its shore.

Lake Bratan on the island of Bali

Tirtagangga Water Palace (the island of Bali). The palace complex Tirtagangga, which means “sacred water of the Ganges”, is a unique combination of picturesque water ponds with sculptures. It occupies the territory of 1.3 hectares. It is the symbol of the universe, which is divided into 3 parts: Swah – the supreme divine, Bwah – the mortal human, Bhur – the lower dark world of demons. The magnificent fountain that is located in the central part of the palace complex, surrounded by Hindu gods, is a symbol of the higher deity.

Tirtagangga Water Palace on the island of Bali

The best time to travel to Indonesia

Thanks to the proximity to the equator you have plenty of time to visit this country, since the heat reigns here almost all year round. However, there is a certain period when it is better to have a rest in Indonesia. It starts in April and lasts until September.

Indonesia has a tropical climate with minor deviations in some areas. In the central regions, as a rule, there is a little cooler than on the coasts. The high season in Indonesia lasts from April to September. If you want to get to this country not only to relax, but also to get acquainted with the local culture, then May – June is the way to go.

The low season in Indonesia comes from November to February (the rainy season). Despite this, the weather conditions are not much different from the dry season, but the humidity of air at this time can reach 90%.

islsnds of Indonesia

Recreation in Indonesia in the winter. Not everyone has the opportunity to go on holiday in the summer. If you plan to go somewhere in the winter, then the rest in Indonesia will surely appeal to you. This beautiful country with a warm climate at any time of the year will welcome you with its hospitality. Every traveler should also know that the weather in Indonesia in winter is very variable. At this time, be ready for short but heavy rains.

Indonesia resort on the beach

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