Makassar is rich in history, historical sites, and amazing sceneries too. The culture of Indonesia and traditional food is another attraction in the city. If you are planning for a trip then this should be your destination, I will be highlighting to you the best places that will make you fall in love with Makassar and all the activities that you can do in this busy city.

What can you do in Makassar?

So what can you really do in Makassar that can be unique away from what you are used to in your place? Well, there are very many amazing things you can do in this amazing city that you have never done before and you may even never do again unless you come back to Makassar. These are the top things to do in Makassar.

1. Participate In Car Free Day

There is one of the interesting cultures in Makassar, where every week on Sunday is a car-free day in this city; however, this happens to some few places in the city like Losari beach, Sudirman among other places. If you want to enjoy this you can come to the city early in the morning, you will not see vehicles, all people will be either cycling or just walking and others jogging, you can as well participate in this thrilling culture along with the Makassar people.

2. Get involved in water sports at Kodingareng Island

This island is not really far from the city, it is just around 40 minutes drive when you go with a speedboat. When you arrive here you will have real fun getting involved in water games, snorkeling is the most common, you can participate in many others like sunbathing and playing on jet skies. You can get involves in swimming too.

3. Try out slides at Bantimurung waterfall

Natural slide at this waterfall is the most thrilling thing you can enjoy doing when you visit Makassar, you will have to go to Bantimurung national park where you will find the falls, you will find this fan to do if you tried it, apart from that you can take a walk in the park and enjoy the many caves that are in the park, however, if you decide to tour the park, you should get a guide to take you through this all.

4. Watch the sunset at the Losari beach

Losari beach is the famous spot that people come to get a nice view of the sun setting, you can take one evening to come and take a look as the radiant sun sinks down. Apart from this, you can try out water skating on this beach.

Where can you go in Makassar?

There are very many places that will attract you in Makassar just from the moment you arrive. There are very many breathtaking types of scenery you cannot afford to miss touring in this city. Here are the top attractions that will thrill you.

1. Lengang Laiya waterfall

This is not a very long distance from the CBD in Makassar city; it is just about a 3-hour drive to Lengang, the place is like a paradise in the making; you will be thrilled to watch this spectacular natural beauty of this place. The crystal clear waterfalls from a cliff deep in the pine forest. The backdrop of this is a green landscape of mountains. You will enjoy the fresh air and a cool breeze in this place, if you are so much into swimming and diving, this can be a good spot for you too.

2. The Malino highlands

This is a very famous place in the whole of Indonesia, the highlands are decorated with thick pine forest and extended tea fields. Tea plantations roll to about 900 hectares. The tea plantation and the forest give you a very relaxing feeling as you enjoy nature. There are a lot of activities that you can do that will be very memorable. Some of these activities include; horse riding, flying fox and cycling among many other games.

3. The Balla Lampoa Museum

A museum is a place where you cannot miss out the thrill. Once you reach here you will be able to learn more about the culture and the history among other things about Indonesia. The traditions are the basis of museum content, if you are really interested in learning more about people and the culture of this place then this will the best place you will need to visit once you land in Makassar.

4. Mount Bulusarung

Do you love trekking? This is just the best destinations for you then, the mount is not very difficult to climb, even beginners can just do this quite okay. The best thing about climbing is that you will be able to get the best view of the valleys and the Limestone Mountains and the unique summits that are evergreen.

To conclude on this, you can appreciate that Makassar is one of the best destinations to pay a visit; the place has quite a number of features which will make your trip quite memorable. The active city has very many specious hotels and restaurants that will give you accommodations as you tour this place. Finally, if you are considering going for a tour, you should consider touring Makassar.

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