the most popular summer destinations in India

India travel. Popular places to visit

A number of tourists think that the best time to travel to India is from October to April. In fact, you can visit an exotic country all year round. Perhaps, you will like India in summer even more than winter or spring.

All year round the country is filled with crowds of tourists from all over the world. They rest by the ocean, take pictures against the background of the Taj Mahal, wander the streets of ancient cities and buy souvenirs at numerous bazaars.

best time to travel to India

It is said that it is impossible to travel to Hindustan because of monsoon rains. Indeed, the humid season begins here in June, but the air temperature drops from 38-46 ° C to quite acceptable 30-36 °. The rains do not capture the entire peninsula – there are a lot of “dry” places that are pleasant to visit in the summer.

Delhi. The Indian capital is a bright and modern city and a real parade of contrasts. Such great buildings of the past as Kutub-Minar, Gate of India, Humayun’s tomb are next to modern skyscrapers, business centers and noisy bazaars.

Agra. This region attracts travelers the most. In addition to the legendary Taj Mahal, other magnificent historical monuments are preserved here, for example, the amazing Red Fort and the Fatehpur-Sikri – the city of mosques.

Taj Mahal Agra In India

Kolkata. This cultural center of the country is full of museums and art centers. All kinds of exhibitions and fairs are constantly held here.

Varanasi. This is a legendary holy city where you can wash away all the debts of past lives and meet your destiny.

Bombay. This is a capital of Indian cinema and a beautiful modern city with excellent beaches and interesting architecture.

a beautiful modern city

Ideal places for internal and external rebirth

Most often tourists travel to India for spiritual enlightenment. Summer is the best time for rest, finding yourself and recovering.

Goa. A small coastal state has become a real Mecca for downshifters from around the world. Most tourists come here in the autumn, so in the summer you will have much more opportunities to quietly admire the local beauties.

A small coastal state Goa

Kerala. The picturesque resort is the Ayurvedic center of the country. It is a great idea to settle in the local Ayurvedic hotels, where the wellness procedures are combined with a relaxing stay and visiting the local attractions.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This is a protected area and you can get to it only by obtaining a special permit. But the nature here is indescribably beautiful, and you will quickly forget about bureaucratic red tape.

Lakshadweep islands. Snow-white beaches surrounded by coral reefs are an oasis of silence and inner harmony.

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