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Germany’s Heritage

Germany is famous for its beautiful and exciting cities, fabulous food, primitive villages, fairy tale castles, festivals, culture and of course, Oktoberfest and many other reasons are there to visit Germany which makes it an enthusiastic, charming and attractive to tourists.

Best Cities of Germany

There is no really bad time to visit but the best time to travel to Germany in May. Below is the list of best cities to travel in Germany along with their significant and unforgettable characteristic.

Fussen and Neuschwanstein Castle

Most of the people go through Fussen and think to stay at Neuschwanstein without thinking about anything else because both are worth seeing places.

Eye-Catching Sites
A famous castle within the location of Bavarian Alps gave a beautiful and stunning photography structure in Germany and considered as one of the best inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. Most of the castles in Germany are used for defense purposes, and this castle was built in the 19th century for the security reasons of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. A guide guides you about the history of ancient times along with the specifications while exploring the interior structure of the castle.

This region or city is covered with colored buildings and horse drew are used for passengers to go on the top of the hill if they don’t want to go hiking.

Neuschwanstein Castle and tress around it


This city is also known as the name of a green city almost five times larger than the Paris city. Berlin also was known as one the most beautiful cities in the world and obviously on every travel enthusiast’s list.

Eye-Catching Sites
It is surrounded with thick and green forests everywhere, historic buildings of Mitte Elegantly that are renewed or given a touch of modernism. Berlin Mitte is considered as the historical heart of Berlin because this place is enriched with many beautiful sites and attracts the tourists to explore its beauty by bringing new ideas and creativity. This city gives a sense of calm, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy life and surviving city gate named as Brandenburg Gate also situated in this city.

castle in Berlin


Hamburg is next to Berlin in size and population, a port city, a home to one of the biggest harbors in Europe. This city is one of the major domestic and international tourist destination point. It is the city which is severely affected or many harbors and cities devastated during the second world war. Hamburg area is about 755.3 kilometers per square.

Eye-Catching Sites
Hamburg is famous for architecturally significant buildings especially churches, lavish and spacious parks and gardens, museum, cinemas, theaters, music venues, and cultural events performing arts and literature.

Hamburg at night


It is one of the best and beautiful medieval city on the Romantic roads in Bavaria. This city really deserves tourist attraction because it is common that don’t miss a visit to Rothenburg when you are in Germany. This place is manifest with cobbled stones on which it’s not possible to walk without comfortable shoes.

Eye-Catching Sites
Special tourist attraction sites are picturesque lanes, half-timbered houses, intact fortification, stunning roads view from the top, discovery of cultural famous altarpieces in churches and celebration with their locals at their festivals.

small houses of Rothenburg


Munich is the city that was almost totally demolished during the Second World War, but they did their best to recreate themselves from the very beginning of their destruction.

Eye-Catching Sites
Marienplatz is the central square in the heart of the city leading many roads towards different other sites and giving an opportunity to explore wonderful landmarks, building, and churches that are associated with it. it also leads towards the way of exploring the Mariensaule that is the Marian Column topped with the golden statue of Virgin Mary and Old and New Town Hall.

view above city of Munich


It gives a sight like fantasy Bavarian lakeside village in movies, but it actually exists in Lindau. This was the region of former free imperial of the Holy Roman Empire early back to the 9th century.

Eye-Catching Sites
It is blessed with twisted and charming streets, roads and routes boarded by houses that belong to the ancient time. Its alternative name is “Garden of Eden,” this city is on the shorelines of the Lake Constance with its glimmering water. In summer this place gives a fantastic and impressive view like Austria and Switzerland.

river Lindau


It’s another name is “Florence of the Elbe” because it set along the series of the Elbe River. Dresden is a lush, green city, packed with thick and green forests, gardens and parks.

Eye-Catching Sites
This city is famous for the cultural and artistic history of the reign of a great composer Wilhelm Wagner who worked well in the 19th century. Outstanding museums and baroque architecture designs like Gemaldegalerie and Alte Meister make this city one of the best-known city among the ancient cultural city. All of its landmarks were demolished during second world war but they again renowned their culture.

view above the city of Dresden

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