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Germany travel tips: best places to travel in Germany for the first time

How to start your journey around this interesting and attractive country, while traveling to Germany for the first time? It is a great idea to visit South Bavaria at first. After all, this is an extremely attractive tourist area of Germany. Here you can observe the amazing architecture of ancient cities with their museums, historical monuments, parks and astonishing natural landscapes with rivers, lakes, mountains and picturesque valleys.

In Southern Bavaria tourists are keen on alpine landscapes, nature reserves and the cleanest air. Athletes, climbers, skiers and yachtsmen visit this place with great pleasure. The castles of Bavaria attract curious tourists from all over the world. One of the most popular castles is the Neuschwanstein Castle, which is located in the mountains at an altitude of more than a thousand meters. Nearby there are two lakes – Swan and Alpine. These fabulous landscapes inspired Tchaikovsky to create the genius ballet Swan Lake. The castle can be reached on foot or by horse.

Neuschwanstein castle in winter

Munich is the largest multi-million city in South Germany. The main square of Munich is Marienplatz. Here you should start your travel around the city. There are two very beautiful city halls: old and new. The building of the Old City Hall has become the Toy Museum. And the New City Hall surprises tourists with its clock and 85-meter tower.

view of the city Munich in the evening

It is highly recommended to visit the Bavarian National Museum. A large collection of paintings, sculptures, porcelain are exhibited in the beautifully decorated rooms of the museum. Many items are made of silver, gold and ivory. The museum has more than 150 years.

Be sure to walk around the Munich zoo. It is considered to be the largest in Europe and is located on the river bank. The conditions of life here are close to the natural.

Top 5 Germany tourist attractions

Cologne Cathedral (Cologne). This masterpiece of Gothic architecture is located at the highest point of the Cathedral Hill in Cologne. The appearance of this cathedral arouses genuine admiration. Cologne Cathedral is the most important landmark of Germany not only due to its appearance, but also due to its rich history.

Cologne Cathedral in Cologne

The Brandenburg Gate (Berlin). It is one of the top attractions in Germany and the true symbol of the country. This is really a legendary building, impressive with its size and architecture. Originally it was called the Gates of Peace and was built in 1789.

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Black Forest (Baden-W├╝rttemberg). In the south of the country lies the truly fabulous landmark of Germany – the Black Forest. The majority of the forest massif consists of thick and high spruce. That’s why, it is called Black. What is more, here you can admire beautiful rivers and waterfalls.

Black Forest in Baden-W├╝rttemberg

Museum Island of Berlin (Berlin). Right in the middle of the European capital, on the small island of Spreeinsel, is located one of the brightest and most impressive objects of the country’s cultural heritage – the so-called museum island. It is a whole complex comprising five museums.

Zugspitze (German Alps). In the Bavarian Alps, at the junction of the borders of Germany and Austria, there is a unique place, which provides you with an amazing view on the territory of the four nearest states – Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. This is the peak of Zugspitze. Its height is 2,962 km. This place can be reached by train or cable car.

Zugspitze in German Alps

Train travel in Germany

German railways are the most convenient and comfortable means of transportation throughout the country (not including domestic airlines). An extensive network of railways covers the whole country. However, it is not cheap. We are going to share with you tips how to save money and travel by train across the country.

There is an extensive system of benefits. First, it is worth buying a ticket in advance, not less than a week before the proposed date of travel. This will allow you to save up to 50% of the total ticket price. Night train tickets are also cheap.

The most profitable and cheap is the “weekend ticket” – wochenendeticket. You can use it only on weekends – from midnight to 3 pm the next day. The cheapest way to buy such a ticket is via the Internet on the German railway website – Wochenendeticket allows to travel to up to 5 people or a family of two adults and an unlimited number of children under 14 years old. Keep in mind that such a ticket does not work on all trains. Only trains of RE, RB, IRE, SE and S type use this system.

There are also great discounts for groups. Moreover, the group is already considered a company with 6 people. Discount can reach 70%, depending on individual conditions.

red train on the station

Now you what to see in Germany, but what is the best time to travel to Germany? There are three periods of high season. The first period is winter. It is due to the ski season. The second is summer, when holiday season in the Baltic and North Sea resorts begins. What is more, a cool German summer gives great opportunities for excursions to the castles. And the second period is October, when the famous Oktoberfest takes place in Munich.

The low season in Germany is early spring, most of the autumn and early December. Housing prices is lower at this time. That’s why the off-season in Germany is so loved by undemanding tourists. And indeed, if your goal is museums and art galleries, rather than beaches and mountain slopes, then spring and autumn are the way to go.

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