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Top Hotels to Look Out for Whenever You are in Tbilisi

Whenever you are on a tour you always want to spend the best time in the visiting country. Comforting your stay, hotels involvement is a must. Choosing a comfy and center of attraction hotel is a hefty task.

The Biltmore Hotel is considered as one of the best hotels in Tbilisi with all the five-star luxuries you could think off. The hotel has an indoor swimming pool to enjoy swimming along with a pool party. 24 hours active staff surely make your stay comfortable and royal. The best part for the tourists is that they are also providing rental cars to help you explore beautiful Georgia. The basic luxuries like a sauna, gym, bar and different cuisines to choose from make the Baltimore hotel as one of the top choices. The airport is also not far away and a nice riverside view to sum up a perfect day.

The Biltmore Hotel in Tbilisi

With the growing influence of social media, NO12 Boutique Hotel has certainly gained the popularity by providing free Wi-Fi and 24-hour customer service. The no12 hotel has adopted a more traditional approach which decoring the interior of the rooms as well as the building. Metro station is at the walking distance to commute a lot easier. The airport is also just 16 km away so you won’t need to spend too much time reaching the airport. All the rooms are fully air-conditioned with separate mini locks to help you protect your precious items.

Talking about the hotels in Tbilisi Georgia, Mercure Tbilisi Old Town has certainly made its name in top 5 hotels of Tbilisi. Hotel interior is mesmerizing. Bedrooms has separate bathroom fully furnished at your disposal. Free Wi-Fi is becoming the new trend and necessity for the hotel owners along with great reception service. One of the nicest advantages Mercure Tbilisi holds is a mere 12 km distance between the hotel and the international airport. For more theatre lover tourists, Rustaveli theatre is just a couple of blocks away. In short, you won’t regret your decision about staying in the amazing hotel like Mercure.

Attention all wine enthusiast, if you like to avail the services of best wine cellars while your trip to Georgia then Vinotel Boutique Hotel is your only exceptional option. Their wine cellars have huge range of variety and you can indulge in wine testing events as well. The top-notch chefs are busy in entertaining the respectable guests and the services of caretaker/custodian; formal rooms for office meetings, free Wi-Fi, storerooms are also at the disposal of the guests. Critical thinkers love to spend their time in the library of the hotel with a wide range of books.

Vinotel Boutique Hotel in Tbilisi

The Coral Boutique hotel has one of the finest buildings with open terrace. In the jam pack traffic environment private parking can be a blessing in disguise and the Coral certainly provides that service to facilitate the guests. Rooms are fully furnished and equipped with the latest technical gadgets. Satellite channels are available for the foreign guests as well so don’t miss out on their favorite shows and dramas. The airport is just 13 km away so all in all it is the perfect choice to enjoy your stay in Tbilisi Georgia.

Terrace Boutique Hotel serves the unique style to attract their guests. The guest can enjoy barbeque range from the famous chefs of Georgia along with the amazing restaurants. The rooms are elegantly furnished with top of the line interior to take your breaths away. The international airport is a bit away as compared to other hotels, 22 km to be exact. However, freedom square is just half a mile away from your room. From the hotel just 5 min walk away is Tbilisi Funicular. All the basic services like breakfast in room and room service are available on the exclusive demand of the guests.

Terrace Boutique Hotel in Tbilisi

The mighty ZP Palace Hotel is literally situated in the center of Tbilisi with all the exclusive tourist spots surrounding the hotel. Marjanishvili Metro station is just around the corner and it hardly takes 5 min to reach the station. The most attractive thing for the tourist is the amazing restaurant and bar providing a panoramic view of the whole city along with wide range of cuisines and cocktails. Architect lovers must visit the ZP palace because of the Chugureti church. The international airport is just 17 km away from the ZP palace hotel making it one of the top hotels in Tbilisi Georgia.

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