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The capital of France, Paris, is famous as City of Love and Lights. Being in Paris will certainly fill your heart with ultimate joy as there are unlimited amazing places and architects to look for. In order to do that you need to work out a plan of how to travel around the city. Which place you want to visit first or which route will can cover maximum destinations to enjoy. The main aim is to be entertained completely especially when your stay is for just a short time. You need to know how to avail the opportunities to avail every second of your tour. We are listing down some tricks that will certainly help you in saving time and money whenever you are in Paris.

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Traveling to Paris for the First Time

Make a reservation in advance, many restaurants take reservation by email but you may ask your hotel to help you. Having reservation will eliminate the stress associated with finding a restaurant and then waiting to get a table. A reservation will make you stick to your plan.

Plan for 1 or 2 free days, in case of bad weather or you miss something due to a huge crowd. One of the best things you can do in Parisis just strolled. There is so much culture and each neighborhood has a distinct feel.

Advanced reservation for Eiffel tower will surely come in handy. Advanced booking will save you a lot of time waiting in lines. As soon as you plan to go to Paris, the first thing you should do is to book online tickets. They release tickets periodically so don’t be disappointed If online tickets are sold out.

Staying relaxed is essential. You won’t see everything, it’s just not possible. But it can be the reason for your next trip to Paris. Take your time and enjoy what you do, don’t try to hassle and visit all the places in one trip. Keep it simple and short.

Know your hotel’s name and address. There is a possibility that you might get lost. Hotel cards come in handy at that time. Instead of arguing about your location with a local taxi driver, you just need to hand him the card.
If you come to France with thinking that French people are rude, your stay will be less pleasant. There are rude people everywhere, just try to enjoy your stay.

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First time in Paris: Where to Stay

To get most of your visit it is very essential to get to know the culture and connect with it. Slow down and savor the moments try to take a wine tour, go for boules with locals.

There is a lot to see In Paris. French rate hotels with stars, if you like well-located family runtwo-star hotel, they would be simpler, comfortable and cheap. As compared to fancythree-star hotels in a lesstraditional and charming localities.

Apartment price in Paris is no less than a three-star hotel, but you will get more space and can save money on meals.

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Planning First Trip to France

There is a lot to see in Paris: there are three mountain ranges, two coastlines, several cosmopolitan cities, and various sleepy villages. If you have one or two-week trip don’t try to over exert. Limit yourself to Paris.
You should learn ins and outs of transit if you are on a budget. Manual transmission cars are cheaper and more fuel efficient. Driving rules are the same as the US, but the speed limit must be maintained. There are speedcameraseverywhere and the tickets are expensive. At the gas stations make sure that you choose the right fuel.

Memorize a few phrases in the French language. That might come in handy.
Treat your taste buds with the local cuisine. Try to make a reserve so that you don’t have to look for hotels and wait for seating. Restaurants open at 7pm and stayed open till midnight. Café hours are more than the restaurants and they offer more simple and quick options.

While these tips might come in handy, but without the right attitude, you get anything done. Travel with the right attitude. Embrace the French culture, don’t be judgmental. Traveling with a spirit of adventure and getting out of your comfort zone is primal and most adventurous. Travel with a childlike joy and have a trip of your dreams.

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