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Paris is hugely famous among couples from all around the world. Paris has earned the nicknames of “The City of Love” and “City of Lights” as tourists never let the Paris sleep. If you are planning a trip to Paris then our famous attraction list will surely help you pick the perfect places according to your interests.

Places to Visit in Paris

Without any doubt, the first place you want to visit whenever you are in Paris is the Eifel tower. The tower was built in 1889 in the Champ de Mars Park and the height of Eifel tower is around 300 meters or 1000 feet. Because of remarkable architecture and historic values, Eifel tower is one of the most photographed places in the world. Being the City of Lights the Eifel tower presents equal opportunities for both day and night photography and the tourists go crazy and click the pictures from every angle. Visitors can avail the elevator service to amuse themselves from the breathtaking views of the beautiful city.

Eiffel Tower and green trees around it

Second place on our list is surely Louvre museum and why not as it is the most visited museum in the whole world. Signature glass pyramid stuns the tourist with its majestic appearance, setting the standards and expectations high for the viewers. There are more than 1 million objects making the museum more significant. The famous artist Leonardo De Vinci artwork, Mona Lisa painting, is also displayed in the museum attracting the artists as well. Egyptians antique items and luxurious apartments of Napoleons III are also included in the list.

Louvre museum at night

Next on our list is Notre Dame Cathedral. Like every other place in Paris Notre Dame is also world famous and a trip to Paris is not considered as complete without visiting this cathedral. Cathedral displays the supreme Gothic architecture with almost 400 feet high including two lofty towers. Cathedral itself has many places to admire. Being the masterpiece of thirteen century, it attracts the tourist to visit the beautiful rose windows, gothic carvings, an amazing collection of relics and beautiful sculpture.

Notre Dame Cathedral in spring

The Sacre-Coeur with its huge building is a difficult attraction point to miss. It is situated at the highest Montmartre Hill getting the advantages of being one of the highest buildings in the city. The interior and the marble finishing is attracting more and more tourists every year and the white dome itself is a jaw-dropping display of stunning architecture. The attractions do not end here, the Sacre-Coeur offers the tourists with amazing views of gold mosaics, stained glass windows. One the largest clock is also displayed in the building making it more attractive for the tourists.

Centre Pompidou is a stunning display of world-class architecture. The Centre Pompidou is a cultural institution including its own library that is accessible for the public as well. One of the largest museums Musée National d’Art Moderne and panoramic terrace elevates the importance and desire of the Centre Pompidou and attracts more and more tourists every day. The building is divided into floors. First, 3 floors are occupied by the books and 4 and 5 floors are filled with natural heritages and collections owned by the museum. The center is named after the famous president of France, Pompidou who inaugurated the center back in his days.

Centre Pompidouin Paris

Place de la Concorde is one of the largest square of Paris offering numerous attractive views for the tourists. This square has the significant historical importance as French King Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette is guillotined during the French revolution. The Egyptian Obelisk that is more than 3200 years old was brought in the 19th century from the temple of Luxor and because of the rich ancient history you love the check the place and mark it complete in your wish list of places you must visit.

Place de la Concorde in Paris

Keeping the versatility Seine Cruise must be attraction place you should visit whenever you are in Paris. The river Seine is almost 800 km long all the way towards the English channels. Cruising the river provides the opportunities for the lovebird to ditch the crowd and fell in love with a beautiful journey with their loved ones. The cruise passes through numerous bridges and lets you see the other landmarks passing by and a few famous building are the Eifel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and Louvre. The cruise is almost 1 hour and you must avail this opportunity to spend the most magical hour of your life.

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