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Some Factors to Keep in Mind Before Planning Your Trip to Paris

Location: You have to think is this the location that most travelers would prefer? Is it easily accessible to all the popular sights and attraction that you plan to see? Can you walk to a good selection of restaurants? Considering all those things, does it have the comfort for a good night sleep?

Rate: One must consider before getting a hotel, does it offer cheaper rates than other hotels in the locality?

Quality of service: How does the hostel stand in comparison to other hotels at the same rate? What amenities it offers that other hotels don’t offer in the same category.

User ratings: One must check the user reviews of previous guests and how they liked the stay. What issues previous travelers faced while staying there? Do they like some other hotel better in the same category as yours?

“Special Something”: What does this hotel offer that others don’t? What makes this hotel better than others? Does it have a special something that you were expecting?

Paris view in summer

Best Time to Go to Paris

It is obvious that you will always find tourists in Paris no matter which season it is, but some season is a little busier than the others for obvious reasons like the holiday season, festive season etc. This season can be divided into three categories:

1. Low season
2. High season
3. Shoulder season

Low season is mostly the winter season, and it is obvious that at that time of the year hotels will be cheaper. But keep in mind that hotel will be located way down in the city. Other advantages of the low season may include no lines at museums, a wide range of cultural offerings etc.

High season is the time between May to September. This is the time of vocations for most of the academic schedules, or you can say this the only time they could come. In this season hotel rates will touch their peak, and there would be a lot of waiting at tourist attractions.

After the end of peak season in September, often local people go out of town, leaving behind handwritten notes when they will reopen again. Few hotels will be open though, and lack of tourists forces them to lower their rates. Visiting Paris in August means you can find great hotel deals and really cut back on your budget. The same hotel room will cost quite less in August than in June or July.

Eiffel Tower and fountains around it

Best Cheap Hotels in Paris

If you are planning a trip to Paris and your booking rates are sky high, you should understand that fashion week, or a big conference is in process. While some people like it in a jam-packed city of Paris, some of the tourists don’t like a rush. You should plan accordingly. With jam-packed city comes sky-high hotel rates.

There might be a possibility that you might get a deal at the last minute in low season. So advance booking for low season is not preferred. In high season you do not get a hotel, so advanced booking is highly recommended. Not booking in advance in high season might risk your number of options. Better safe than sorry.

You must clearly understand that star are not the user ratings. Most of the hotels are 2 or 3 stars that do not reflect the user rating rather hotel category from 0 to 5 star, given to the hotel by the city tourism board. The more services the hotel offers the more star it gets. Don’t corner yourself into thinking that stars matters, kick back on stars and you might find the best affordable hotel in Paris.

Finding the right balance is the key. You must choose the hotel that offers things that you need and doesn’t pay for the things you won’t need. Few things that might come in handy:

• Are to okay with shared bathroom? If so you can score a very cheap 1-star hotel.
• Are you okay with no wifi, no air conditioner, no elevator? If so you might end up in 2-star hotel
• If you want an air conditioner then you will be staying in a 3-star hotel.

Cathedral in Paris

Budget-friendly Hotel in Center

Few of the best budget accommodation in the center:

Popular and cheap: Hotel Tiquetonne
• Country cottage: Hotel Jeanne d’Arc
• Pleasure: Hotel de Nice
• Romance: Hotel Chopin
• Convinient: Hotel du Nord

Kooky Notre Dame neighbor: Hotel Esmeralda
• Themed: Hotel La Louisiane
• Old school: Hotel Saint Andre des Arts
Fun filled: Hotel de Nesle
• Gardens neighbor: Residence du Palais

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