Mountains of Hallstatt

Most anticipated travel destinations of Europe in 2019

Every European country offers a unique experience to the travelers. Talk about Europe and the first thing comes into mind is Paris. Paris has been a center of attraction for over 2000 years; it is the capital city of France and holds political and cultural values. Switzerland is considered heaven on earth whereas Austria and Netherland are known for their lust green meadows.

• When we talk about France the first thing that comes to mind is Paris, when we think about Paris the first thing that pops into the head is Eiffel Tower. France is the most visited European country in the world and this is not hard to imagine. If you are a foodie then you are in luck, because Lyon is the third largest city in France and it’s known for its food. The French Rivera’s will remind of a fairy tale, the Alps and villages will keep you astonished for a while because the natural beauty of France exceeds the expectation.

Paris in autumn

• If you want to talk about elegance, Zurich comes to mind. Zurich is an old town with medieval architectures. Zurich is a fantastic way to start your Switzerland trip. Zurich has a number of tourist attractions. There are several churches and museums, which are hundreds of years old. Zurich zoo is considered to be one of the best zoos in Europe. Surrounded by the Alps and the beautiful lakes Switzerland seems like a fairytale. There are a number of adventures you can plan while visiting Switzerland:

1. Plan Alpine summit with railway and ice palace
2. The train ride to the glacier
3. Skiing on Swiss Alps

river Limmat in Zurich

Venice is a well know city of Italy. It is commonly known as the floating city of Italy. Italy is considered one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It also attracts a huge amount of tourists each year. The iconic Roman gladiator arena, Sorrentino peninsula villages, Medieval cathedrals of Florence and of course Piazza San Marco mesmerizes its tourists. Along with these leaning tower of Pisa holds a historic place. Built in the 14th century this tilted building amazes the viewers. Trevi Fountain which was founded 1762 by Nicola Salvi catches the eye of travelers.

Florence in summer

Greece has many things to offer to its visitors. The volcanic island of Greece is well known for its white houses and amazing sunsets. Greece is a historic country. If you plan to visit Greece you must visit Acropolis of Athens, a 5th-century temple. Parthenon is a landmark temple ruins which was built in 447BC.

Santorini during the sunset

Spain is well known for its beaches, historic Architectures, and festivals. If you plan to visit Spain there are multiple tourist attractions that you can visit. Madrid and Barcelona are the most popular cities in Spain. Sagrada Familia is one of the most popular tourist attractions. 11% of Spain GDP consists of tourism, which makes it a pleasure to visit. With beautiful beaches, dreamy islands and lovely sunset, Spain makes a great country for a vocation. Spanish festivals are very famous around Europe; the most famous festival in Europe is the Spanish Bull running of Pamplona and the fireworks of Las Fallas.

beach of Spain

Portugal is an exotic European country. It offers you the most exquisite and diverse feel in Europe. A number of tourist attractions attract a lot of tourist around the globe. Beaches of Algarve will keep you occupied while mountain town of Sinatra will amaze you with its beauty.

Duoro river in Portugal

• When we say the Czech Republic, Prague comes to mind. Prague is the capital city of Czech and well known for its elegance. The city of Prague has been cultural and political center for Europe, enriched with history. Cesky Krumlov is a medieval town dating back to 13th century, while Karlovy Vary is also known as a resort town. The elegance of the Czech Republic mesmerizes the tourists. Various mountain ranges and small villages can keep you occupied and make your visit worthwhile.

beach of Prague in the evening

Austria is right next to Germany if you are visiting Germany make sure you visit Austria. It is known for its winter sports, history and culture. Small town and villages of Austria are so beautiful that you will fall in love with it. Hallstatt is a small town in Austria known for its salt mine and the Echern valley. Vienna is the capital city of Austria; Schonbrunn Palace is the most famous attraction of Vienna along with the culture and history of this old town. If you are a big fan of Mozart, then you must visit the town of Salzburg; birthplace of Mozart.

Hallstatt in summer

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