Destinations for Travel in June

The Top 3 European Destinations for Travel in June

Italy, a Mediterranean Gem

Italy Mediterranean Gem

Washed by Mediterranean Sea waters and bordering with such European countries as Switzerland, Austria, and France, Italy has a temperate seasonal climate. It is one of the best places to visit at the beginning of summer as it is already warm but not extremely hot there. Not to mention all the variety of natural environments and sceneries as well as antique architectural monuments and more recent cultural heritage Italy is famous for. There are many great places of interest in Italy to serve for various preferences: from beautiful backpacking routes to splendid places for just married couples, Cinque Terre, Naxos and many others. Indeed, this country is lauded and praised by many poets and writers, adored by painters for a reason.

Spain, the Modern Country with a Rich Cultural Heritage

Spain Modern Country

Spain, which southern and western parts are washed by the Mediterranean Sea, while the western and northwestern borders have an outlet to the Atlantic Ocean, is the largest country in Southern Europe. With such a large territory, Spain has a mix of Mediterranean, semi-arid and oceanic types of climate. Offering its visitors a large cultural and historical heritage, this country also boasts many modern sites you will hardly regret visiting. For example, the Ibiza Island considered one of the most fashionable beach and nightlife resorts in the world.

Norway, the Splendor of the North

Norway Splendor of the North

This small country is quite different from Italy, Spain and actually most of the European countries. Norway is a truly unique country because of its beautiful nature and coastal climate, which is exceptionally mild in comparison with territories located on similar latitudes elsewhere in the world. Because of the Gulf Stream, it is never too cold in Norway in the winter despite some of its regions being north of the Arctic Circle. With that, the country has many breathtakingly beautiful mountain regions, forests and world-famous fjords, which are among the best places to see in Norway. So if you are a fan of a cooler climate than most European countries offer in summer, do not hesitate to go North for a really enjoyable stay in this not densely populated yet outstanding in many aspects country.


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