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Most popular cities in Europe. How to choose, when overchoice makes you dizzy

Europe has so many faces, that it is difficult to choose the most popular cities in Europe to visit. In this review we offer you to compare five European cities that are extremely popular.

Best honeymoon destinations in Europe

#1 Venice
The majority of visitors come here to see the unique network of channels, bridges, St Mark’s Square; to have a gondola ride, and to become a part of colorful carnival in Venice.
This city is good because of its inimitable atmosphere, architecture, many sightseeing places.
The disadvantages of traveling here are high prices and crowds of visitors.

#2 Paris
As a honeymoon destination this city has no equals. The strong sides of Paris are the following:
– all the significant attractions are located not far from each other;
– in summer one can just rest on the grass eating a French baguette.
But Paris can also disappoint you with long lines of people waiting to get to numerous museums and the Eiffel Tower. The subway and street signs here are in French only.

Europe’s ‘cultural capitals’

#3 London
London is the birth-place of story about Sherlock Holmes, and it attracts 45 millions of tourists annually. We can name quite a number of attractions here: the Big-Ben, London Eye, black cabs. What can turn away a visitor from this city? London is expensive. It scares many people away with its unpredictable weather. It is dirty and the number of traffic lights and crosswalks is not enough.

#4 Rome
Rome needs no introductions. It has its history and architecture, its fashionable shopping malls and its ruins, its fountains with drinkable water and many more. But pickpockets and thieves are here. So pay double attention to your wallets, cell phones, cameras etc.

#5 Prague
When you walk along the streets in Prague, you have a feeling as if you are in a fairy tale. This city will welcome you by its magic streets and museums. Local beer from local Czech breweries is unbelievably tasty. Food portions here are so big that you can share with your friend. Prices are really attractive and the city welcomes you any time of the year.

Prague sellers and waiters can upset you by putting ‘extra’ items into your sales receipt. Sometimes ‘service fees’ can go up to 20%.

Most popular cities in Europe are waiting for you! We wish you to enjoy each city of this list. And each city will give you a bunch of positive emotions!

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