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Top 10 countries in Europe for traveling.

Are you still dreaming about a trip through Europe? In any case, traveling to one of the countries or visiting several of them will open the world completely from the other side and will allow you to fill up the baggage of memories with a bunch of pleasant moments. We would like to draw your attention to our list of popular countries in Europe.


A trip to Greece is a much more budgetary than most people think. This magical country combines an ancient and exciting culture with incredible beauty of islands and beaches.

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It is worth to get acquainted with Slovenia better. Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is one of the greenest and livable cities, including a friendly attitude, numerous cafes and a diverse nightlife. In addition, Ljubljana is a great starting point for traveling to other cities of the country.

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South West England

This region is a popular place for a travel, where picturesque rural landscapes are replaced by coastal views and even places for surfing. A perfect option is a car trip through picturesque villages with stops near ancient castles, boarding houses and abbeys.

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Italy must be visited at least once in life. It combines a rich culture, history, art, architecture, cuisine and natural landscapes. Each city of this amazing country will provide you with a wonderful holiday and unforgettable impressions. Magic Rome, City of Water (Venice), beautiful Florence, sunny Apulia and historical Sicily won’t leave anybody indifferent.

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What comes first when you think of Denmark? Of course, the Vikings! Instead of learning about them from the Internet, it is much more interesting and knowledgeable to visit their historical homeland with burial places, stone ruins and ancient museums.

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Seville is a lively and fascinating city, which is a brilliant alternative to the more expensive Madrid and Barcelona. A relaxed pace of life, flamenco and tapas bars of the region will allow you to plunge into the fantastic atmosphere of Spain.


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The island of Skye is one of the most tourist destinations in Scotland. However, the rest 119 islands located on the north-west coast also deserve an attention. Curious tourists can discover the natural beauty of wildlife, dazzling white beaches, majestic cliffs and a mirror-like surface of lakes.


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Czech Republic

Pilsen has been chosen as one of the cultural capitals of Europe. There are fewer people than in the capital and it allows you to explore the city’s underground tunnels, the Gothic church of St. Bartholomew, the Republic Square and the famous brewery with no rush.

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A small Stavanger with two dozen museums and a high concentration of architecture show the whole atmosphere of a large city. Its picturesque embankment is full of representatives of street art.


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Not surprisingly, France completes the list of the best countries in Europe. Toulouse is one of the most beautiful and undervalued cities in France with a unique history.

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