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Top 5 unique places in Europe to visit in summer.

In this review you will read about unique European sightseeing objects and places. Maybe you have never heard about them before.

Special offers for connoisseurs of architecture

#1 We offer you a place, where you can see all the attractions of Portugal in just one day. This place is a park in Largo Rossio de Santa Clara, Coimbra. In this park visitors can admire small copies of famous Portuguese monuments.

When you are tired of looking at miniatures, you can go to the biggest Barbie museum in Portugal. It is in the only part of the park where everything is full size.


#2 In 1961 Justo Gallego Martínez fell ill with tuberculosis, but after some time he recovered. To express gratitude for his recovery to Virgin Mary he promised to her that he would build a cathedral by himself. Now the cathedral is almost finished.  It is in a quiet town Mejorada del Campo, 25 minutes from Madrid.


Welcome to the ‘City of knowledge’

#3 In Mons, Belgium, one can visit a museum called Mundaneum that has no equals in the world. It is really extraordinary. It is known as ‘Paper Google’ and comprises a huge collection of newspapers, catalog cards, posters, tickets, and theater programs. Paul Marie Ghislain Otlet, who is widely-recognized as one of the fathers of the Internet, started the collection.

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Something special for SPA lovers

#4 Berlin citizens like to swim; maybe that is why they created their own «Tropical islands».  Water park «Tropical islands» is 60 km to the South from the capital of Germany. The park is located in a former airship shed and strikes visitors with its size.

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#5 Austrians like SPA and beer more than anything; that is why unique beer pools offered by Starkenberger Brewery are very popular. To visit this elite Spa resort you should travel to a small village in the mountains, called Tarrenz, it is

65 km to the West from Innsbruck. The only drawback here is that one must not drink beer right from the tub, though you can order a mug of good beer additionally.

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We hope that our article was convincing enough to set off for a trip to these 5 unique places in Europe, which are especially good to visit in summer.

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