Must see in Europe. Unusual tourist destinations in Europe

Every European city has its architectural landmark, that became a fixture by being seen too often on magnets, postcards, pictures and other souvenirs for travelers. In this review to your attention we present the must see places in Europe that are not so popular as Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower and the Brandenburg gate. But they are definitely worth your time!

Life-giving water

# 1 The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is the place, which can be called a true paradise on Earth and it is not for nothing. The geothermal complex is a unique place, created by nature and people. Bathing in Blue Lagoon is compared with swimming in steamed milk.

The water of the Blue Lagoon has curative virtues.

Blue Lagoon

Music is in the air

# 2 The incredible monument to the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, who is still a key personality of European classical music is in the park of the same name. It can surprise you by the fact that you can HEAR the construction made from 600 massive metal tubes fused together – the wind sings mournfully blowing through them. It is a perfect place to be alone. Here you will understand the expression ‘to listen to the silence’.

Music is in the air

Fairy – tale castles

#3 The Zvolen Castle in central Slovakia was  built on a high cliff, right in the place where the two rivers the Hron and the Slatina run into one. This gothic castle overlooks the city, as if it levitates above the ground.

The Castle was constructed for the Hungarian King Ludovicus I the Great in 1360 -1382.

Fairy – tale castles

# 4 The Brügge town hall in Belgium was designed in gothic style and built in 1421.

In Brügge one wants not only lie low, but to go for a walk along the ancient streets, to take a boat ride along the channels, to see the break of dawn on one of the numerous bridges… This town tempts visitors with its originality and atmosphere.

Brügge town hall in Belgium

A Glimpse into History of Post Service

# 5 The fans of ordinary mail must visit the General Post Office (GPO) in Dublin.  A small and cozy museum of post is situated here. Here one can look at stamps as at history looking glass. In this museum one can also learn about  ‘Easter Rising’. It was a very important event in history, which laid the foundation of the independence of Ireland.

A Glimpse into History of Post Service

Europe always has something new to offer! We hope that one day you will see these five places, that definitely are ‘must-see’ places in Europe.

Explore the world, ladies and gentlemen!


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