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Where to go on holiday in 2018: beach rest and cultural tourism

Seaside holidays

Bulgaria. Bulgaria can boast pure golden sand, the widest beaches and a gradual deepening of the sea, which is great for relaxing with kids. It is worth mentioning the pleasant prices, if you buy a ticket in advance. Tourists, who want to add a little extreme to their lives, should go to Albena to enjoy water sports, or Sozopol, where you can be engaged in diving.


Bosnia and Herzegovina. This country is simply not widely known by tourists, especially in terms of beach holidays. However, there are beautiful beaches of the Adriatic Sea in the small town called Neum. The beach area is very spacious and the sea is clear. This place is simply filled with an atmosphere of the Middle Ages and has a very interesting history, so lovers of cultural holidays will also find something to their taste.

Bosnia Herzegovina

Portugal. Summer holidays on the coast of Portugal can be a real revelation even for experienced and sophisticated travelers. This small country can offer you any options for beach holidays. There are clean sandy beaches, beaches with round pebbles as well as wild stony bays. Travelers, who want to get acquainted with the sights, can go on a tour across Merida (the oldest city in Europe), visit the colorful Seville or go on a shopping trip to Lisbon.


Guided tours

Tours in Greece. It is an excellent option for those who want to combine cultural tourism and beach holidays. Such tours include visiting the most famous places of Ancient Greece. So, you will visit beautiful Athens with its marble Olympic Stadium, the majestic temple of Zeus, the mystical Acropolis and numerous museums filled with antiquities.

Tours in Greece

Traveling to Romania. Every region of Romania has an eventful history. Such a tour will combine several variants of tourism. For example, you can visit the world famous Count Dracula Castle!

Traveling to Romania

A trip to Slovakia. There are more than 1200 sources of mineral and thermal water along with the healing air of the Carpathian Mountains and beautiful architecture. It is simply created for you to improve your health and learn many new and interesting things.


Holidays in Georgia. Delicious food and fine wine are already a good reason to spend a holiday in this hospitable country. Here you can marvel at the grandeur of the monasteries and fortresses of Mtskheta, stroll through the streets of Sighnaghi and admire the views of the Alazani Valley.



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