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Tips for traveling to Europe

Planning a trip to a new unfamiliar place is always difficult. In Europe, there are many beautiful countries that look to see. But what points need to be considered when traveling? Route, transport and housing. Someone likes to plan everything, but someone likes to go at random, but we are sure that everyone will find on their list what will help him make his adventure unforgettable.

Planning a trip to a new unfamiliar place

Getting ready for a trip

Plan ahead. You need to start planning for 2-3 months; in most cases you will get the best prices for tickets and accommodation. To buy tickets use the aggregator sites: Skyscanner, AviaSales, KAYAK, Momondo, Google Flights and others.

Transport. Some travel essentials for transport in Europe. If tickets are too expensive in the city you need, look at the tickets to neighboring cities, maybe it will be cheaper there. For example, if you need to go to Berlin, then maybe there are cheap flights to Prague, Dresden or Frankfurt — from there you can easily reach your destination. It’s the best way to travel Europe.

Italy panorama view

In Europe, there are a lot of bus low-coasters, a trip at which is cheaper than trains and other modes of transport. The cost of tickets starts from 1 €, and the route network will allow you to travel all over Europe. Therefore, if your trip involves visiting several cities and countries, pay special attention to the following companies: Megabus, Eurolines, Flixbus, Berlinlinienbus, Ouibus, PolskiBus and others.

Obtain a visa yourself. Getting a Schengen visa is a simple and understandable procedure. In no case need to contact intermediaries, even in the most difficult consulates there are no impracticable conditions. Remember that referring to intermediaries does not guarantee a result, and besides – much more expensive.

Europe cities travelling

Accommodation. Carefully read the reviews, rules and see where the housing is located. For those wishing to immerse themselves in the national color and not spend a penny on it — created Сouchsurfing. Here you can find locals who are absolutely free to host you.

Travel light. In most cases, you do not need luggage. Airlines allow 7-10 kg of hand luggage, this is more than enough for a 10-day trip. If the travel is a lot of flights of low-cost airlines, the luggage will draw a lot of money. In any case, you have many times convinced that the most useful thing on the trip — a laptop, and 70% of things do not wear.

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