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The ancient castles of Europe that you need to see

Majestic and unapproachable, romantic and harsh, enveloped in legends and myths – castles and fortresses of Europe, these silent witnesses of historical events and royal dramas, still fascinate with one of its kind. We suggest that you admire the most beautiful castles in Europe and dream of royal life.

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The Fantastic castles that you can visit

Neuschwanstein, Bavaria, Germany. The most popular castle in Germany with a romantic name, which is translated from German as “New Swan Rock”. Annually the famous castle in Europe is visited by more than 1 million people.

The order for the construction of this castle was given at the end of the XIX century by King Ludwig II, whom his contemporaries called “fairytale”. By the way, by this nickname he is obliged, including Neuschwanstein, because outwardly the castle really looks like the palace of an enchanted princess or a powerful sorceress. Interesting fact: he served as a prototype of the castle from the cartoon “Sleeping Beauty”, which was rebuilt in Paris Disneyland.

Neuschwanstein in Bavaria

Castle Corvinus, Romania. In Romania, there is probably not a single castle that would not link legends to Vlad Tepes – the historical prototype of the vampire Dracula. As for this castle, it is said that it was in his cellars that the Graf was held after the overthrow of the throne.

True or not, historians can’t say. If we talk about the architecture of the castle Korvinov, then it is absolutely unique. At different times, this place was replaced by more than 20 hosts, and each of them sought to rebuild everything in its own way, so that now in the external appearance of the fortress you can find features of a variety of styles — from the Renaissance to the Gothic.

Castle Corvinus in Romania

De la Pena, Portugal. Once there was only a modest chapel on this place, and now the castle is rightfully one of the seven wonders of Portugal. There are official receptions and events organized by the president and government officials of the country. The interior of the castle of De la Pena has remained unchanged for a century: it seems that the rooms and halls most recently left their last mistress – Queen Amelia. Also, on the territory there is a beautiful garden where you can rest and enjoy the views that open to Sitra and Lisbon.

De la Pena in Portugal

Trakai, Lithuania. At present it is the largest and, perhaps, the most famous castle in Lithuania. It was built taking into account the natural features of the area, so that the fortress in the Gothic style perfectly performed defensive function and was almost impregnable.

Earlier here there was a residence of the Lithuanian princes, and in halls of the castle feasts and magnificent receptions were arranged. Later the building was used as a prison (only rich and distinguished criminals were kept here). Now inside there is a museum of history Trakai. It is in the territory of Trakai Park that city festivals, festivals and fairs and historical reconstructions are arranged.

Trakai in Lithuania

Chillon Castle, Switzerland. The first buildings in this picturesque place on the shores of Lake Geneva appeared as far back as the 9th century, while the current complex, consisting of 25 structures, was created at different times and by different masters.

Once behind these gloomy walls, prisoners were held, and even when the castle began to turn into a museum in 1887, there were still cameras for criminals on the upper floors. Now, naturally, there is no trace left of the prison, and the castle itself is a unique combination of gloomy and impregnable walls with luxury and elegance of interiors.

Chillon Castle in Switzerland

Drachenburg, Germany. One of the best castles in Europe to visit. The majestic construction in the Neo-Gothic style actually represents something between the castle, the villa and the palace. In 1884, when the construction of the castle was completed, the locals unanimously recognized him as the largest and most beautiful in the whole district.

Some even said that he is superior to Neuschwanstein by his sophistication! So it or not – it’s up to you, but visiting Drachenburg (“the palace of the dragon,” as it is also called) should definitely be included in the travel plan for Germany. Not without reason, even the Prime Minister of the country chose for his residence a place near this castle on the picturesque bank of the Rhine.

Drachenburg in Germany

Castle of Pierrefonds, France. If it seems to you that you have already seen this castle somewhere, even if you have never been to France, you are not mistaken! Thanks to his fabulous and slightly mystical appearance, he often served as a set for filming various films. By the way, the first picture here was filmed in 1924!

Initially, the castle looked much more modest and performed an exceptionally defensive function, but in the middle of the XIX century, Emperor Napoleon III decided to make this place his residence and invited for the reconstruction of the architect Violet de Duca (who also was engaged in the restoration of Notre Dame in Paris) turned a gloomy fortress into a work of architectural art.

Castle of Pierrefonds in France

Aragonese Castle, Ischia Island, Italy. It rises above the sea at an altitude of 113 meters, and covers an area of 56,000 square meters. This is one of the most popular castles in Italy, located in a picturesque area, on an island in the middle of the sea. Even if you reached the island, you still have to get to the castle – here leads a trail of mules, winding through the rocks to the fortress. For lazy tourists, there is an elevator built in the 70’s. The elevator shaft is carved directly in the rock, its height is 60 meters. Aragonese castle can rightfully be called the most beautiful castle in Europe.

Aragonese Castle in Italy

Eilean Donan, Scotland. The castle stands on a rocky island in the fjord of Loch Douih. It produces an ambiguous impression: some consider it to be one of the most romantic, and others – one of the darkest in all of Europe.

Probably, it was the multi-facetedness of this castle that made him a real star of the cinema: at different times there were shooting such popular films as “Highlander”, “And the whole world is small” and “Friend of the bride”. And the castle Eilen-Donan is known for its delicious heather honey and excellent Scotch whiskey!

Eilean Donan in Scotland

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