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Car Museums are Worth Visiting

The car is considered to be one of the most important inventions of the twentieth century. Perhaps this opinion can be disputed, but the fact that cars occupy an important place in modern civilization is unquestionable. And the best confirmation of this is European car museums.

Museums are open all year round, from morning till evening and there are always crowds of visitors, who want to observe the expressive forms of old cars, their lacquered sides and admire the stunning interior trim. We provide you with 8 the most amazing auto museums in Europe, which must be visited at least once in life.

List of the most impressive car museums in Europe

Museum of Ferrari (Italy). The museum of the brand Ferrari as well as the plant is located in a small town Maranello, which is known throughout the world thanks to the museum. You have a chance to rent a real new roadster Ferrari California. A well skilled instructor will tell you where and what to press.

old cars of Ferrari Museum

People visit this place to look at unique exhibits: racing cars that have participated in the Formula-1, engines, riders’ prizes, photos, etc. What is more, any detail or car can be touched.

The first exhibit that meets visitors is the Ferrari 166 F2 (1951), 165 hp. Next to it is Ferrari Lancia (1955), 265 hp. Ferrari 312 T5 (1980) also impresses visitors. Canadian racing driver Gilles Villeneuve has driven this car.

Ferrari Museum in Italy

National Museum of Science and Technology (Spain). The main section of the museum is dedicated to transport. One of the “jewels” of the collection is the Ford TT (1923) with the char-a-bancs body type. Another valuable exhibit is the well-preserved American steam engine Locomobile Steamer of the 1899.

It is worth paying attention to the micro-car, created by the French designer Gabriel Voisin. Voisin has become famous all over the world for his expensive and extravagant passenger models of the 1930s, but after the Second World War he has been engaged in the production of micro-cars. He has managed to create the simplest two-seater Biscooter with a length of only 2.4 m.

The Mercedes Benz Museum (Germany). The first museum at the Daimler AG plant has been opened in 1923, and since that time millions of tourists not only from Germany, but also from all over the world have visited it. In 2006 a new museum building has been erected in front of the main gate of the plant, which is a part of the giant complex of Mercedes Benz Welt.

You can admire this unique building not only inside, but also outside: this modern design solution of one of the most innovative European architectural offices of UN Studio cost 150 million Euros.

Mercedes Benz Museum in Germany

BMW Museum (Germany). The BMW Museum, dedicated to the history of BMW, is located in Munich, next to BMW headquarters. The total area of the museum is 5000 m². Every year the museum is visited by more than 250 000 people. There are more than 550 cars, and the collection is constantly increasing.

BMW Museum in Germany

There is a roadster BMW 315 (1934), bought in England and restored to its ideal condition. It turns out that it has been taken out of Germany after the war. No less interesting is the historical model BMW 3/20 AM4 (1932). It is the first serious independent development of the brand. German designers, inspired by the licensed English car, Austin Seven, have created this model.

old cars of BMW MUseum

On the top floor of the museum there are sports cars: BMW V12, Formula 1 cars with BMW engines, famous BMW 328 Mille Miglia and unique examples – pre-war racing cars with silver bodies.

The Porsche Museum (Germany). The main production, head office as well as the Museum of Porsche is located in the German city of Stuttgart. The interior of the museum building is arranged in such ways that, reaching the lobby of the exhibition hall, visitors can view the whole exhibition and choose the best place to start the inspection. The museum consists of 80 exhibits and each of them weighs several tons, costs hundreds of thousands of Euros and consists of a huge amount of detail. Moreover, 350 auto-treasures, completely restored, are exhibited in the workshop. Unfortunately, the entrance to the workshop is accessible not to all visitors.

Porsche Museum in Germany

Cité de l’Automobile (France). One of the most interesting museums of Mulhouse is, without doubt, the National Museum of Automobiles. This museum is considered the biggest car museum in Europe. The museum is famous not only for its collection of more than 520 classic European cars, but also for the fact that it contains the world’s most complete collection of Bugatti cars.

Cité de l’Automobile in France

Audi Museum (Germany). The museum is situated in the ancient German city of Ingolstadt. The most unusual thing in this museum is that there are practically no fixed exhibits. Everything is in motion. Visitors, moving along a huge spiral, get acquainted with the history of Audi from the very first steps in the early 20th century to the present days. Cars for the middle class are replaced by posh cars for kings, millionaires, presidents. Every exhibit is not accidental. Each car is linked to German history.

Audi Museum in Germany

AutoStadt (Germany). Volkswagen concern could not stay away from the theme of automobile museums and in 2000 has built a huge “AutoStadt”. This is a complex dedicated to the history of the automotive industry, in particular the Volkswagen brand.

Here are all the models, which have historical significance: the pre-war Beetle cabriolet, NSU with a rotary engine and other cars. A large number of cars of other firms are also exhibited: Ford T, Rover Mini, Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz 1959, luxury Bentley models and others.

AutoStadt in Germany

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