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Top 6 must-visit cities in Italy

While there is little wonder that there are thousands of marvelous places all over the world, it is amazing how some comparatively small countries hold in store so many of these sites for their visitors. Among those countries, Italy is one of the most romantic and interesting places in Europe.

Cinque Terre

Regarded as one of the best Italian resorts to spend your honeymoon, Cinque Terre is a splendid example to demonstrate why the Italian Riviera is highly valued among tourists. Located in the Liguria region, this portion of the Riviera coastline comprises five villages. This almost ten centuries-old network of terraces built on the cliffs near the sea is a tremendous place to visit.

Cinque Terre Italy


Spread out on the east coast of the Sicily island, Taormina is now a comune in the Metropolitan City of Messina. According to some historical sources, this ancient town was populated by the Sicels even prior to Greeks arrival at the coast in 734 BC. This town was called Taouromenion in ancient times, which now is a picturesque place offering beautiful beaches on the Ionian sea coast.

Taormina Italy photo



A short trip below the Taormina hills, in the territory of the Metropolitan city of Messina, there is another very attractive place called Naxos. It is notable that some theories evidence that Tauromenion was founded by Greek colonists after Naxos itself. Once a small fishing village, Naxos is now a popular tourist resort due to its panoramic views, and an archaeological park.

Naxos photo Italy


While it is still unknown whether Shakespeare himself has ever been to this city, his ‘Romeo and Juliet’ play alone has been luring thousands of tourists to this place in Northern Italy for many years. This jewel of urban architecture features an amphitheater and many other stunning showplaces.

Verona Italy

Capri island

Capri island is, in fact, a large rock of sandstone and limestone protruding from the Tyrrhenian Sea. However, its main town, Capri, is known to be a resort since the Roman Republic times. Indeed, with the ruins of Imperial Roman villas, Blue Grotto sea cave and two harbors, it is a must-see place for all those who are interested in history.

Capri island 


You need to see this magnificent place yourself as its splendor leaves us lost for words!


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