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The Danish capital, the city of Copenhagen, has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. Not only is it the biggest Scandinavian city but it is also one of the most livable cities in the world. Great neighborhoods, hotels, markets, statures, streets and foods are some of the things to see in Copenhagen. It is a great destination for anyone who desires to enjoy a load of pleasantries which are provided in the country.

When to visit

Summer is the peak season for tourist travel to the country. The presence of a warm climate at the time means that there are millions of tourists flocking airports all over the world to get to make Copenhagen travel. As such, one might choose the summer period. Nevertheless, due to high population travel, it is also optimal to make travel during quieter season such as spring and autumn where the population is lower.

Copenhagen houses in the evening


1. Frederiksberg
This is one of the posh areas in Denmark that is characterized by magnificent residential buildings with green meadows all over. Also, it is home to great hotels such as Mielcke&Hurtigkarl making it a major attraction.

Frederiksberg in Copenhagen

2. Norrebro
The area is diverse in what it offers. It is home to restaurants, groceries and biking expeditions which are preferred internationally. It offers delicacies from the indigenous Denmark communities coupled with those of other countries. It is also home to lots of shops ranging from clothing, antiques and international flavors.

3. Indre By
The city within the city of Copenhagen boasts of the largest visitation by tourists. This is credited to the fact that it is home to some of the most viewed tourist attractions in Denmark such as Nyhavn and the Little Mermaid. It is also home to museums and the Queen of Denmark’s monarchy. Moreover, it has great hotels and markets that serve the locals as well as the international tourists.

4. Christianshavn
An island in a major city is a major interest by itself. The island has one of the biggest churches, Church of Our Saviour, which offers great views of the great capital of Denmark. It has a cool atmosphere which is favorable for beaching activities. It harbors some of the best hand-built antique homes in the whole of Denmark. Varieties of foods are also diversified in this great island.

Christianshavn in Copenhagen


1. Boat riding
The vast city has a great shore and enjoys the presence of islands. The only way to access these places are through the use of boats which are secure and worth the experience. The use of boats and ferries offer a great view of some of the tourist attractions in the country.

2. Window shopping
There are many shops across the city of Copenhagen that offer wide array of items from food, clothing, antiques, cuisines and others. It has a lot of toy shops which are rarely found elsewhere in the world. It is a great place to go sight-seeing of items which you can choose to purchase later or just to appreciate the beauty of the items sold.

3. Bike riding
Unlike most of the other great cities in the world, the Danish capital is home to more bikes than vehicles or people. The population of the means of transport is so large that you cannot miss at least one or two bicycles in every household in the city. To aid in the fluency of bike riding, the roads are subdivided with bikers getting their own lanes.

woman with bike

Places to visit in Copenhagen

1. Nyhavn
This is a city port that grew as a business hub for the port. Over the years, the structures have been maintained to show the beautiful architecture of the old port city. Further growth of the site has been attributed to the development of restaurants which started in order to tap the tourist travel present. The popularity has also been enhanced by the writer of ‘The Little Mermaid’ who stayed in a number of rooms which are specially marked for tourists.

Nyhavn in Copenhagen

2. Tivoli Gardens
The park has beautiful scenery with large gardens and unique architecture. It has great rides that even turn upside down at great speeds making them some of the best in the world. The park is home to restaurants that serve very diverse and traditional dishes thus providing the feel of Danish culture. The huge attraction that the park receives has led to the presence of music programs which highlight the musical culture of the country to tourists.

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

3. Stroget
Shopping is the greatest forte of this place. It one of the longest streets in Europe lined with shops, both high end and low end. It has shops available for antiques, toys and foodstuff and also harbours expensive designer shops which target wealthy consumers. The long streets have provided an ample platform for local street musicians who make their music in the open spaces thus entertaining tourists.

Stroget in Copenhagen

4. The Little Mermaid
This is a bronze stature that was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale about a mermaid. So inspired was Carl Jacobsen by the story that he paid for the modeling of the sculpture in 1913. This is one of the Copenhagen points of interest that has millions of tourists visiting the site to not only catch a glimpse of the fable but also to take pictures with it.

The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

5. The National Museum
There are many museums across the country but none is as glamorous as the National Museum. For starters, it is housed in The Prince’s Palace which oozes elegance and class. The collections present in this museum are very antique and date way back to the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Viking Age. It also offers delicacies in its restaurant that has specialized in indigenous dishes.

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