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Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, a cozy European country with a relatively low price level and a huge number of attractions. It is an amazingly beautiful and elegant city. Prague is rightfully considered one of the most mystical cities in the world: almost every building, architectural monument or street has its mysterious history that attracts tourists from all over the world all year round and in any weather.

Czech cuisine is known round the world, therefore tourists who are going to visit Prague, spend the most part of time on a gastronomic program. Czech cuisine has a very ancient history. It has been developed under the influence of the nearest neighbors and took a lot from them. Here you can find a lot of soups and meat dishes. However, sauces, cooked according to traditional recipes, make the dishes even more savory.

Taste of Prague Food

Healthy food is rather popular in a modern world, but the Czech cuisine does not fully meet its principles: all traditional food is high-calorie, nourishing and fatty. Dishes are usually served with dumplings and beer.

There is a great temptation to try everything at once in Prague restaurants. Do not rush to order several dishes, because portions here are so large that one is more than enough for two. All soups are rich, with an abundance of various condiments. They can be so thick that they can easily be confused with sauces. Be sure to order yourself some soup:
• Koprová polévka – dill soup, served with sour cream and herbs.
• Dršťková polévka – pork soup.
• Bramborová polévka – potato soup with smoked meat and mushrooms.

Czech Republic is famous for the whole world with its beer. It is brewed according to ancient recipes for several hundred years. One of the current breweries has been founded in the 12th century and it still functions. It produces Chodovar beer.

Prague restaurant

The best restaurants in Prague with Czech cuisine

There are a lot of cafes and restaurants in this city. However, guests and travelers are usually curious to know which the best restaurants of Czech cuisine are.

“U Fleků” – is the oldest and the most expensive pub in Prague. The first mention of it in written sources refers to 1499. Each of the eight halls is different in design and has its own name and history. When ordering a beer, be ready to receive a glass of Becherovka. It is believed that in combination with beer it helps to assimilate fatty foods. But be careful: the cost of the liquor is high and it will be included in the bill.

the oldest and the most expensive pub in Prague

Restaurant “U Bansethů” is known for the fact that one of the tables is always reserved for J. Hasek, who has mentioned this institution in his work “The Adventures of the Brave Soldier Svejk”. You can try here tasty light beer and traditional Czech cuisine at reasonable prices.

“U Černého Vola” is a restaurant that local people like to visit. Here you can you can feel the spirit of old Prague. This pub transfers you into the past. Choosing a place for lunch, you can see the prices, looking at the menu, which is hung before the institution.

Craft Beer of Prague

“U Kalicha” is a popular restaurant, which everyone knows from the “Adventures of the brave soldier Švejk.” This is a tourist pub with a legendary history and quite high prices.

“U dvou kocek” is a restaurant & brewery. It offers delicious traditional cuisine at reasonable prices:
• Česká bašta – 249 CZK (this is a huge dish with a smoked duck, pork and veal).
• Vepřové koleno – 249 CZK.

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