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The relations between United States and Cuba were once very poor but are now seeing significant growth. So bad were they that an American credit card could not work in Cuba. Nevertheless, the Obama regime eased movement between the two countries over recent times but not to the point of being comfortable. There are easier Cuba travel tips that a traveller needs which will be highlighted in this text.

Tips for planning a trip to Cuba

1. Apply for a passport
Any flight warrants the use of a passport. This is no exception in this case and in order to enjoy airline services, it is essential to apply for one in good time to avoid last minute rush.

2. Get in a group authorized for travel
There are various groups such as study groups and foundations that are granted safe passage to the country of Cuba. Seeking entry in such a group would prove easy since they organize travel plans.

3. Book a hotel
The city of Havana, which houses the Havana International Airport, is usually streaming with tourists on a daily basis. It is therefore cumbersome to look for accommodation at such a time when you are tired and in a strange land. Online booking has proved to be of assistance. One may also opt to use airline options for accommodation.

street in Cuba full of people

4. Get housed by a local

The citizens of Cuba are a happy people who are always accommodative of their guests. This is a good way to start exploring the country starting with the welcoming nature of the locals and their indigenous forms of culture.

Categories of authorized travel to Cuba

1. Religious activities
Access to Cuba can be granted if the reason for travelling is to attend a conference or crusade that has been organized by a religious organization. However, there must be proof of the presence of the meeting.

2. Family visits
There are a lot of people who reside in the States but have family in Cuba either working or permanently residing there.

3. Educational activities
Education is one of the pillars of any economy. Schools and scholars fancied going to the rich country but the question then was how to get to Cuba. This has been eased by the government of Unites States that has allowed travel to Cuba for educational activities.

beach of Havana

4. Regulated exportation
Cuba is one of the countries that have seen the lowest level of imports from United States. Nevertheless, there are a few transactions taking place with materials being moved to Cuba but have to be authorized and allowed to travel.

5. Support for the Cuban people
It has to be proven that the reason for wanting to travel to Cuba is to help improve the welfare of the country in one way or another.

6. Journalism
There are great media houses that need coverage as they appear and may thus be allowed to go to the country for such activities.

7. Activities by Private Foundations
Foundations are allowed to travel to Cuba for their various activities which benefit the foundation for research purposes or benefit the people of Cuba.

colorful houses of the street in Cuba

8. Public performances and competitions
Games and sports can lead to successful movement to Cuba. Other activities such as attending workshops organized in the country by an international body and other such commitments can warrant free movement.

9. Official government business
American citizens can fly to the Caribbean country under official mandate of the government. Government research, studies and other intergovernmental businesses can enable people to access Cuba.

10. Humanitarian activities
The economic state of Cuba is poor due to trade embargos and poverty among the common folk. As such, governmental and non-governmental organizations may seek to travel to the country to offer relief aid and may recruit American citizens for the cause.

red car in the center of Havana city in Cuba

11. Professional research
Research that is certified is able to get access to the country. Scientific research that has established that the travel is essential for better results can be certified for travel if the study is about a theme that warrants access to the country.

12. Exportation and importation of informational materials
United States is a superpower and as such, is endowed with a lot of resources. Information in the form of study materials or the use of transfer programs can warrant movement into Cuba.

Towns to visit in Cuba

1. Havana
This is the capital of Cuba. At the first glimpse, the city is a true reflection of the diversity of Cuban culture. A stroll around the city will bring you to see the amazing streets present with the local people who are always ready to share their culture through their music, food and other forms of entertainment.

colored houses in the center of Havana city

2. Cienfuegos
People who have not had the chance to visit always ask where to go in Cuba, in order to get a feel of the culture. This is the town. It posits some of the richest cultures of the Cuban people. Despite the great size of the town, the influence of the French is also experienced together with the local art. It has some of the most beautiful art galleries in the country.

center of city Cienfuegos, Cuba

3. Vinales
This is a small town compared to the city of Havana. Yet, it has just as great an influence in the country. It enjoys a large number of tourists who come to see the great tobacco fields that produce some of the best known cigar brands in the country. To entertain guests, there are possible hiking expeditions around the town. The town also had a national park, Vinales Valley, which is a great destination.

green valleys of Vinales in Cuba

4. Trinidad
One of the oldest cities that Cuba has to offer is Trinidad. It has a rich historic culture coupled with beautiful architecture thus renowned photography scenery for most photographers. The traditional town oozes of history even in its means of transports which include horses and carts.

tops of houses of Trinidad city in Cuba

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