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The most attractive for most tourists are the magnificent and diversified beaches of Costa Rica. Sandy beaches dominate on Caribbean coast. Sometimes you can find here dead coral reefs. There are a lot of small sand coves throughout the Pacific coast.

In addition to the purely natural diversity, the beaches of Costa Rica attract tourists with a high level of services to any taste. There are beaches, which are turned into small resort towns, with a full set of restaurants, nightclubs and discos. There are all opportunities to avoid hustle and bustle and relax in a secluded mansion or bungalow with your beach area.

Costa Rica weather is quite unpredictable, but there are two seasons in the year: dry season and rainy season. Nevertheless, in some regions of the country the rains are year-round, while in others it is dry and sunny almost all year round.

The best time to have holidays in this country is from December to April, but at this time the country is visited by a huge number of foreign tourists, so all hotels are overcrowded.

The best beaches in Costa Rica

Puerto Vargas. This beach belongs to the Cahuita National Park on the Caribbean coast. Here are two beaches. Playa Blanca is the first and most people stay here. However, you should head to more chic beach – Puerto Vargas.

Travelling to Puerto Vargas

Samara beach. It is an amazing sandy beach with palm trees on the Pacific coast. This place is considered the safest for families with children due to very moderate surf. There are no large tourist hotels, as the beach is surrounded by rain forests.

Travelling to Samara beach

Puerto Viejo. It is famous for its brownish sand. This beach cannot be reached by car, only footpaths lead here. What is more, you should be rather careful because of the high waves. The surf at Puerto Viejo sometimes is too strong.

Travelling to Puerto Viejo

Mangrove beach. Pacific coast of Costa Rica is characterized by mangrove beaches, which attracts tourists with magnificent greenery. Those who seek a quiet and secluded beach for recreation can safely go there. There are several small restaurants, as well as small but cozy and neat hotels in the nearby villages.

Travelling to Mangrove beach

Tortuguero. The beach of Tortuguero is not a secret place for tourists. It is also called the Tortoise Mount. Sea turtles lay their eggs here. A huge number of different species of exotic birds live in the mangrove forests that surround this place.

travelling to Tortuguero

Manuel Antonio. It is considered one of greatest beaches not only in Costa Rica, but all over the world. There are coves in the shape of a horseshoe, snow-white sand, blue-green waters and jungle. Here you can be engaged in snorkeling and scuba diving, surfing, kayaking, hiking and flying over the treetops on the Zip-line.

Travelling to Manuel Antonio

Playa de Isla Tortuga. Playa de Isla Tortuga is the best and only beach of Tortuga Island on the Pacific coast. This is a tourist place, where every day in the morning the crowds of tourists arrive by boats and in the evening depart back. Nevertheless, it is worth to visit this place, because the local landscapes are simply beautiful.

Travelling to Playa de Isla Tortuga

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