Colombia travelling

Colombia travel

Colombia is the only country on the continent that is washed by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, as well as the Caribbean Sea. Tourists come here for the sake of chic resorts and a huge number of natural attractions. This country is beautiful and diverse, and pleases guests with clean beaches, national parks and volcanic islands.

It is believed that among the 25 most popular tourist destinations in South America, 3 belong to Colombia: the cities of Bogota, Cartagena and Santa Marta.

popular tourist destinations

Bogota is the capital and megacity of Colombia. It is a modern city with a bright and rich cultural life, amazing colonial architecture, ultramodern buildings and magnificent museums. According to travelers, Bogota combines the best of Colombia in one place.

Cartagena is recognized the most unusual city of the country. Tourists here will be charmed not only by impressive military fortifications and rich architecture, but also by friendly locals. Walking around Cartagena, it is worth coming in La Cevicheria, where national Peruvian food is sold at reasonable prices. Cartagena Colombia travel will also provide you with beautiful beaches of the Caribbean Sea.

Cartagena Colombia travel

Santa Marta is located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea in a beautiful bay, surrounded by the Sierra Nevada mountain chain. Besides the delightful beaches, Santa Marta is famous for its colonial buildings and nature parks.

Best time to travel to Colombia

Climate here is incredibly diverse. However, most of the territory of Colombia is under the domination of the equatorial and subequatorial climate. It means that here reign relatively stable air temperature throughout the year.

In general, the most popular time to travel to Colombia is the period from December to February. This time is considered a high tourist season, by the way, prices during this period are also the highest.

the most popular time to travel to Colombia

A particularly good time for visiting Colombia is the period of famous festivals, fairs and carnivals:
Blacks and Whites’ Carnival – from December 28 to January 7 in the town of Pasto.
The Manizales Fair – from 2 to 10 January in the city of Manizales.
Barranquilla’s Carnival – as a rule, February-early March.
Festival of the Flowers is held for 10 days in August in Medellin.

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