Tips that will make your trip to Hong Kong easier

Some rules to follow in Hong Kong

There are many laws and interdictions that are unusual for us. It is better to know about them before your arrival to this wonderful city. That’s why we made this short Hong Kong travel guide for you.
In Hong Kong it is necessary to have your identification card or a driving license always with you. Immigration authorities often check people’s documents to catch illegal workers, whose visas have expired.
Walking along the streets in swimsuits is forbidden.

One should also always carry his or her business card with personal data in Chinese and the hotel’s business card also in Chinese. This will help not to get lost in the city and to explain to the local people that you are a foreigner.

rules to follow in Hong Kong

Making pictures and videos

Making pictures in temples or museums can be either forbidden or a paid service. Using video cameras is usually more expensive or can be forbidden too.
Making pictures of strategic facilities (airport, railway station, bridges) is strictly forbidden.


Smoking in common areas is forbidden in Hong Kong since the 1st of July 2009. It concerns restaurants, bars and even toilets. On the island there are already some ‘tobacco free districts’. The fine will be $22.

tobacco free districts in Hong Kong

Prices and tips

Negotiations are obligatory everywhere except large public stores. If ‘language barrier’ does not permit you to negotiate, you are welcome to use a calculator or just a piece of paper and a pen.
Tips in Hong Kong are not common, but still it is recommended to leave tips in the amount of 5-10% from a service cost.
In taxi people just tell the price in round numbers.

Hong Kong Traffic

See Hong Kong Pass

One of the Hong Kong budget travel secrets is purchasing a See Hong Kong Pass. This pass permits to pay less for museums. It also gives the right to visit more than 15 sightseeing objects for free. It allows to save buying trips on a tour bus and even dinners. The pass can cost from $59 to $115 and is valid from 1 to 3 days.

Natural Disasters

Typhoon season lasts from May to November. When a typhoon approaches TV and radio announce warnings, using a special signal system, where 8 is a maximum danger.
Traditionally October and November are considered to be the best time to travel to Hong Kong.

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