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Santiago as a travel destination

Santiago is Chile’s capital city and it is located in a valley that is entirely surrounded by the snow-caped Andes and Chilean Coast Range mountains. Chile covers a long narrow stretch along South America’s western edge. Being also the largest city, Santiago is home to numerous attractions including neoclassical landmarks and the Historical national museum. The attraction sites and the favorable weather in the city market a major tourist destination. With the current growing economy, plenty of space as well as the rejuvenated arts scene, this city is said to be undergoing a modern-day renaissance.

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Means of transport in Santiago, Chile

Santiago de Chile has one of the most wide-ranging transportation services in the entire South America. Santiago Chile travel has been a major advantage to its tourism industry. Taxis and bikes are a common mode of transportation in the city. They are easy to identify since legitimate taxis are all black with yellow roofs and orange number plates. The city administration also ensures that there is a bus linking every corner of Chile via the various bus terminals. The Santiago metro which has been recently renovated has made transport easier since it now transports over two million people every day. There are trains in and out of the city which are easy to access by subway or bus. Santiago is located only 15minutes from Chile’s major airport, Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport. Anyone leaving the city can thus easily reach the airport and connect to their other locations.

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What makes Santiago a top tourist destination?

Various factors are attributed to Santiago being a top tourist destination in the world. First, Santiago is unique due to its specific location at the foot of the Andes Mountains. It is destination in itself. Additionally, the city is a lush metropolis with many tress and small parks where you can relax and have a nice time. The fact that there a numerous variety of activities and places to visit while in Santiago also offers it a competitive advantage over other tourist destinations in Chile and beyond. There is a place for everyone to visit. The more time you spend in the city, the more places you discover. The list of the top things you can do when visiting Santiago keeps being updated every day.

Santiago also contains extensive market places which unlike other destinations offer tourist a chance to grasp ideas on the culture of the people. With the town covering over 60,000km of the Pacific Ocean coastline, you are able to amply enjoy the coast beaches with no limitation. Lastly, the transport network offers free access to the major points in the city with no much hustle. There also numerous hotels with specific accommodations for different tourists.

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What to do when you are in Santiago de Chile

There are various things to do when in Santiago. Among them include the Hop-on Hop-off bus tour that lets one explore the quirks, culture and architectural scenes in the city, treating yourself to the Dinner Show Bali Hai cultural night out, taking part in the Embalse el Yeso Tour where you are able to explore the interior of Chile’s mountains and setting out on horseback to sightsee Chile’s beautiful landscape.

Embalse el Yeso Tour in Santiago

Other activities you can engage in include a full-day Santiago city and Concha y Toro Tour and the special Concha y Toto tour that offers a cruise through Chile’s scenic wine country with stops at the major wineries in the Maipo valley. For art lovers, the colorful community of San Miguel presents vibrant public art. You can also sample the variety of freshly prepared Chilean bites and gain insight into the city’s culinary culture.

Major tourist attractions in Santiago, Chile

One of the major Santiago Chile tourist attractions is the Plaza de Armas. Plaza de Armas is the city’s old colonial core and it houses two major neoclassical landmarks; the 18th century Metropolitan cathedral and the 1808 Palacio dela Real Audiencia. Being of historic essence, many people across the globe flock to have a peek.

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The surrounding hills and mountains offer a classic and very unique view of the whole city from the top. The geography of Santiago itself is a source of attraction. The other forms of attraction in the city are the Forest Art Collections that are traced back to the pre-Columbian times.

The architecture of Santiago also runs from the 16th century San Francisco Church to the mirrored office towers seen today. The Cerro San Cristobal or simply known as the San Cristobal Hill sits at the middle of Santiago and you can hike to the summit. It has a Japanese zoo, two outdoor swimming pools, a a-style garden and a statute of Virgin Mary looking onto the view of the city. Parque Forestal is arguably the most beautiful park in the region and based on its location outside the busy hustle of the city, it offers a must-visit tourist site.

San Cristobal Hill in Santiago

Tourism arrivals to Chile

Europe, China, Asia and Argentina are among the top visitors to Chile. In the year 2017, Chile recorded over 6.3 million foreign visitors; a number that was up by 14% from the previous years. Having overcome one of the biggest tourism challenges; short stays, Santiago, Chile is likely to continue receiving many more tourists to enjoy the scenic beauty of the hill-surrounded city. Recent reports indicate that tourists now stay for averagely 10 days in the city. In the past, Chile has been declared as the best tourism destination in the world.

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