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Chile is a fascinating country located in South America and is popular amongst travellers to the continent. This is because of its beauty, stable political state, historical past, tourist attractions, diverse landscape, and welcoming people. You may have planned to visit this country to experience all of its greatness. Before you make your trip, here are a few things you should know about Chile.

1. Touring Chile is expensive

Unlike other countries in South America like Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia, Chile is relatively costly to explore. Food prices and bus fares, in particular, are higher here than in neighbouring countries. It costs about ten dollars for a meal, and bus fares will likely be more than you would expect. A good example is Patagonia; the food and transport means are scarce and are therefore expensive to acquire. Be prepared to pay more for goods and services.

And don’t forget to get your travel insurance sorted before you going. According to travel company TUI, failing to do so could result in you having to pay an extortionate amount of money for a hospital stay.

2. The locals enjoy a light supper

The Chileans don’t usually have a large supper. They mostly only have tea, coffee or other light refreshments. So, if when touring this country you are invited to one of the local’s houses, don’t expect a heavy meal. You will just be served tea and some bread. If you are used to enjoying much more food, you should eat something before going into their home or pack a snack.

3. Chile eclipse

If you’re planning to visit Chile, then you should know about the total solar eclipse which will take place on 2nd July of 2019. A total solar eclipse is an event where the moon obscures the entire disc of the sun. This is a rare activity which only happens once every year or two, and it occurs when the new moon moves between the sun and the earth. The shadow cast is only visible in a small area, which is about 125 miles wide. This makes the Elqui Valley, found in Chile, the best place to watch the eclipse as it happens to be within its path. It also experiences about 360 clear nights every year. The totality will last for around two minutes, and the eclipse will start at around 3.30 pm, with the totality happening at around 4.30 pm. The moon’s journey will end at 5.45 pm, and you will need solar glasses to view it safely.

4. Carry packed food when taking a long-distance bus

The bus rides in Chile can last for hours and they don’t make many stops. If you’re heading on a 20-hour trip, it’s advisable to take food with you. This will keep you going in case the driver doesn’t make many stops.

5. Be prepared for different climatic zones

The country has different climatic zones, for example, while in Valparaiso and Santiago a shirt and shorts will do. However, in Patagonia the weather is unpredictable – it can be raining one hour and sunny the next. In Puerto Natales, De Paine, Puerto Williams, and Punta Arenas the winds are strong and can reach 180 km/h.

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