Top 6 best places to go in Central America

Top 6 Best Places to Go in Central America.

Central America is a real treasure for any traveller. Golden beaches, rich wildlife, mixture of various cultures and even active volcanoes are all present in smallest countries of the region. Which country offers the most picturesque scenes? Where can you gain the best experience and find adventures? Below is a handy list of 7 best places to go in Central America.

  1. Tikal (Guatemala). Tikal, an amazing place, hidden in the jungle, is one of the Mayan sites. Since it is located remotely, Tikal usually attracts fewer tourists than other showplaces. A peaceful area, animal noises and a pleasant environment might become one of the best places you’ve ever visited.

Tikal (Guatemala)

  1. The Hummingbird Highway (Belize). This place is a real treasure for those who are fond for Mayan culture. You can easily visit numerous ceremonial chambers, see the world famous St Herman’s Cave, walk in the huge caverns and even investigate artifacts! The atmosphere of

The Hummingbird Highway is always adventurous.

The Hummingbird Highway (Belize)

  1. Bay Islands (Honduras). Bay Islands is a dream for divers. Unique reef systems and bright marine life will make your diving unforgettable. Find cheaper accommodations in Utila and more luxury services at Roatan.

Bay Islands (Honduras)

  1. Leon (Nicaragua). Leon is one of the most gorgeous cities in Nicaragua. Plenty of cathedrals and churches, stunning landscapes, busy nightlife and, of course, great beaches always welcome numerous tourists worldwide.

Leon (Nicaragua)

  1. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve (Costa Rica). This place remains to be among the leaders in the list of best places to go in Central America. It’s astonishing beauty, amazing biodiversity with dozens of rare plants and birds, as well as plenty of tourist activities make Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve one of the top destinations in Costa Rica.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve (Costa Rica)

  1. Panama City (Panama). Panama City is a modern town with numerous skyscrapers rising near wide tropical forests. Its main sightseeing, the Panama Canal, is a world known place with hundreds of breathtaking scenes.

Panama City (Panama)

Few Tips for Backpacking Central America

  • Prepare for the borders. Each country has its own fees and rules for both arrival and departure. Make sure you know all the major regulations.
  • Stay safe. Although most of the countries in Central America are highly developed, there are still notoriously dangerous places. It’s better to use only registered taxis, avoid walking alone at nights and listen to advice of the locals.
  • Book your accommodation in advance. First of all, it can help you to save plenty of costs. Second, you will definitely know, what accommodation options you are paying for.
  • Choose your country wisely. The prices between luxurious Panama and Honduras may vary greatly.

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