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The cheapest Caribbean destinations: Dominican Republic and Cuba

The Dominican Republic and Cuba are considered the cheapest Caribbean destinations. Let’s take a closer look at these countries and options for holidays in them.

Dominican Republic

A fertile land stretching to the east of the island of Haiti, surrounded by waves of the Caribbean Sea.

Dominican Republic

The first association with the Dominican Republic is endless beaches of exotic beauty: with snow-white sand, spreading palm trees, gentle sea – essential attributes of a tropical paradise. However, these are by no means the only things that attract travelers. There are a lot of noteworthy sights: architecture, incorporating the island traditions and some features of European styles; and national parks with fantastic nature.



Cuba, the Liberty Island, is one of the cheapest Caribbean destinations. It is loved by many tourists for an exceptional nature, excellent beaches and a lot of colonial and Cuban Revolution sights. White-stone beautiful Havana, Varadero and Holguin resorts, rum and cigars. Almost the whole country is one huge coast with beach resorts. Closer to the center of the island there are more authentic Cuban cities and villages with local and historical cultural attractions. Cuba is a relatively small country, and you can quickly travel around it in a couple of weeks.

Regions and resorts of the cheapest Caribbean destinations

Regions and resorts of Dominican Republic

The most accessible and picturesque part of the Dominican Republic is Puerto Plata. Puerto Plata is 120 km of picturesque beaches of Cabarete, Sosua and Playa Dorada resorts. The first is a paradise for windsurfers: the waves here are spectacular.

Dominican Republic

Young people come here in search of new acquaintances and adventures. Although for acquaintances, it is better to go to Sosua. This small town with a lively beach is full of nightclubs and bars, attracting fans of thrill. And Playa Dorada entirely consists of hotels, working on an “all-inclusive” system.

Regions and resorts in Cuba

The capital of Cuba is Havana. This is one of the most beautiful cities in the New World. It is famous for its colonial palaces, 1950’s Cadillacs and modern skyscrapers. The most accessible and picturesque region of Cuba is considered to be Varadero.

Varadero  photo

Varadero is the most popular resort on the island, but almost nothing has left from the Cuban culture here. The vast majority of hotels and other infrastructure have been built for the benefit of tourists: bars, nightclubs, cabaret, etc.


Dominican Republic

The climate in the country is subtropical. Sea breezes and trade winds, blowing from the northeast, soften the heat. The rainy season lasts from May to September and is characterized by frequent but short rain showers.


The climate of Cuba is a tropical trade-wind littoral one; the temperature regime is mitigated by the influence of the ocean. Throughout the year, high humidity is felt, which in combination with high temperatures acquires some acclimatization.

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