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Caribbean spaces: how many countries are there in the Caribbean?

Caribbean countries are island states between North and South America, washed by the Caribbean Sea. They include the Greater and Lesser Antilles. Its total area is almost 245,000 kmĀ².

West Indies is the second official name of this land. It is due to the fact that Christopher Columbus, who sailed from Europe to India through the Atlantic Ocean, accidentally opened up new lands, having confused them with India.

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Totally, here are over 7,000 islands (including rocky islets and coral reefs).

The Lesser Antilles has its beginning in Puerto Rico. This is a long chain of small islands, bordering with the Atlantic Ocean on the east. These islands are splitted into leeward and windward islands. Here are some of them: noisy Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, the outlandish Antigua and Barbuda, discovered by Columbus Guadeloupe, Martinique, Grenada, Barbados, Dominica, which is glorified by the saga about Jack Sparrow, etc. By the way, Curacao Island (the one that gave the name to the popular liqueur) is also here.

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Four large islands belong to Greater Antilles. Namely, Jamaica, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Haiti.

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The mainland states of the Caribbean comprise a number of Central American states and South American states. All these states have access to the Caribbean Sea.

Most of these countries are independent states, but some of these territories depend on other states, former large colonial empires (France, Britain, USA).

All in all, there are 13 independent states and 11 dependent territories on the islands.

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Choose an island to your taste

The offer to visit the sunny and affable Caribbean sounds tempting. But, what island to chose? Diversity is one of the most amazing qualities that distinguish the Caribbean region. Each of the Caribbean islands is unique in its own way. Each of them possesses its peculiar landscapes, ecosystems, ethno-cultural features and culinary delights. A variety of suggestions, for sure, will give you an opportunity to choose an island exactly to your taste among all Caribbean islands.

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