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Tourism in Canada: Canada tourist attractions

Canada is ranked as the second country in the world due to its length. However, Canada is famous not only for this fact. Local residents have managed to preserve the virginity of nature and make this a national treasure of the country.

The natural sites are the famous tourist attractions in Canada. There are a large number of national parks and reserves on its territory. The northern state is simultaneously washed by three oceans, and the magnificent mountain ranges make it even more majestic.

mountain ranges of Canada

The most popular sight is Niagara Falls attractions Canada. Niagara Falls is a wonderful miracle of nature. It separates the territory of America from Canada. It is the most powerful and, undoubtedly, the most famous waterfall in North America. It is one of the three most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Every day the waterfall beckons many people. Among tourists there are also desperate brave men who decide to subdue the elements. It is the craziest thing, since the waterfall crashes down from a height of 56.6 meters with a force of 2.8 million liters per second.

Niagara Falls view from sky

Toronto Canada attractions

CN Tower. This landmark of the city can be seen on most pictures of Toronto skyline. The tower was built in 1976 and was the tallest building in the world at that time. The tower is open for tourists and, according to Wikipedia, there are more than two million people every year! Express elevator lifts to a height of 342 m per minute.

CN Tower in Canada

Hockey Hall of Fame. To be in Toronto and not to visit the Hockey Hall of Fam is unforgivable for true fans of this game, because Canada is a homeland of ice hockey, and the NHL is the strongest league in this sport. The museum contains exhibits that testify to the glory of the legendary teams and players.

Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto

Royal Ontario Museum. The Royal Ontario Museum is Canada’s most important ethnographic and historical exhibition complex, which is also one of the five largest museums on the North American continent. The museum has more than a million visitors every year.

Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto

Distillery District. Distillery is the historic Toronto district of the heyday of the alcohol industry in North America. It is named after a large distillery of the 19th century, which occupies a large part of the territory.

Young Street. Would you like to join one of the Guinness Book records and to take a walk along the longest street in the world? Then Young Street is the way to go!

Young Street in Toronto

Casa Loma. Casa Loma is a Castle on the Hill. “Lady-X” was filmed there. The castle was chosen due to its unusual medieval architecture. The funny thing is that it is the first and only castle in Canada.

Casa Loma in Toronto

Montreal Canada attractions

Notre-Dame Basilica. The towers of Notre-Dame Basilica, executed in the Neo-Gothic style, served as a reference point for Old Montreal. Today, the building of the first third of the 19th century attracts attention with gold-plated sculptures. Music connoisseurs say that here is located one of the largest pipe organs in the world.

Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal

Saint Joseph’s Oratory. One of the most famous Montreal churches is the Saint Joseph’s Oratory. Every year it is visited by 2 million people. Some pilgrims claim that God will hear your prayers, if you climb the steps of the Oratory on your knees. The copper dome of the Oratory is the second largest in the world (dome of St. Peter’s is the first).

Monkland Avenue. It is one of the largest streets in Montreal. Here you can enjoy a collection of popular shops, trendy restaurants, open cafes and cozy pubs. The most notable place of rest here is the tavern “Monkland” with excellent cuisine.

Montreal Botanical Garden. The Montreal Botanical Garden offers a day stroll through Chinese, French and Japanese parks and a visit to the desert. Here you can find over 22 thousand plant species and 10 greenhouses, as well as a huge arboretum.

Montreal Botanical Garden attraction in Canada

Montreal Planetarium. The Montreal Planetarium tells visitors about the solar system, stars, galaxies and black holes. Spectacular representations of the solar system, stars, black holes and galaxies have been held here for more than 30 years thanks to the powerful Zeiss projector. There are also multimedia shows about meteorites, flights to space and the beginning of the universe.

Montreal Planetarium in Montreal

Parc de Dieppe. The park was created in 1984 to preserve the green zone of Montreal. It offers a beautiful view of the city and the coastline. Here you can have a wonderful time, sunbathing or having a fun picnic with friends.

Vancouver Canada attractions

Stanley Park. Stanley Park is famous all over the world! This is the greenest and brightest sight of Vancouver and one of the most favorite places for rest of townspeople. Its area is more than 1000 acres. The park is named in honor of an outstanding man who has made a lot of efforts for the development of Canada – Lord Stanley Preston.

Stanley Park in Montreal

Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre. The Vancouver Aquarium is an amazing world of marine life. You can see many thematic galleries, in which more than 50 000 animals from all over the world are represented.

a woman with child in Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre

Science World. It is a mini-city that can interest people of different age categories. There are 6 galleries, each of which is dedicated to a certain topic. During the day, various educational programs about technical and physical fields are held for visitors.

Science World gallery in Vncouver

–°apilano Suspension Bridge. It is visited annually by more than 900 thousand tourists. Hanging at an altitude of seventy meters above the river, it was built in 1889 for sawmill workers. After the reconstruction in the middle of the XX century, Capilano became a popular tourist attraction.

–°apilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver

Harbor Center. It is a well-known skyscraper in Vancouver, on top of which is an observation deck. The height of the tower is 177m, the observation deck is at an altitude of 130 m. It provides a 360-degree view of the city.

Harbor Center in vancouver

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