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If you are planning to visit Bolivia, you must have been convinced by the attractions in Santa Cruz. In fact, you will be able to discover a large number of outstanding attractions in Santa Cruz. These attractions can provide you with outstanding experiences, which you will love.

Top Attractions of Santa Cruz

1. Parque Lomas de Arena

Parque Lomas de Arena is a small desert, which is located around 45 minutes away from the city. If you are looking for an adventure in a desert, you should think about coming to Parque Lomas de Arena. This desert is filled with massive sand dunes. You will not even believe that it is possible to find such a massive desert in this part of the world. Therefore, it is a perfect attraction that proves geological oddity that exists out there in the world. When you visit Parque Lomas de Arena, you will be provided with the chance to enjoy your time with sand boarding as well.

small desert in Santa Cruz

2. Cascadas Espejillos

Cascadas Espejillos is among the top Bolivia tourist attractions. That’s because it is an outstanding place available for the people to go out for a swim. If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle in the city, all you have to do is to visit Cascadas Espejillos. It will also provide you with an excellent experience on a hot day. You should also keep in mind that Cascadas Espejillos is located in close proximity to the city. Therefore, it is more popular among the locals as well.

3. Jardin de las Delicias

Jardin de las Delicias is another great destination that is available for you to beat the heat. You can simply go on a day trip to Jardin de las Delicias and you will fall in love with all the outstanding experiences that it can provide you with. Jardin de las Delicias is all about a stunning waterfall and a lagoon, which is surrounded by a series of canyons. Therefore, you will be able to experience stunning views during the time that you spend in here as well. However, it is located a bit far away from the city.

4. Biocentro Guembe

Biocentro Guembe is a combination of a wildlife reserve and a water park. If you visit Biocentro Guembe during a weekday, you will be able to get a quiet experience. This is one of the most famous attractions in Santa Cruz as well. Due to the same reason, Biocentro Guembe is packed during the weekends, especially in summer months. You will be able to find a large number of swimming pools in Biocentro Guembe, which are located in between the shady palm trees. Therefore, Biocentro Guembe can also provide great assistance to you with beating the summer heat.

Biocentro Guembe in Santa Cruz

5. Jardin Botanic

If you are interested in getting close to nature as much as possible, without leaving the city, Jardin Botanic is a great attraction that you can visit. It is an immaculately maintained and an extensive Botanical Garden. You will be exposed to a large number of plants and animals during the time that you spend in Jardin Botanic. They include caimans, turtles, sloths, and birds as well. The entry ticket is reasonably priced and you can go there without keeping any doubt in your mind.

6. Plaza 24 de Septiembre

When you take a look at the Bolivia tourist attractions, you cannot ignore Plaza 24 de Septiembre as well. That’s because Plaza 24 de Septiembre is one of the best places available for you to hang out. You will be able to experience how the world will go by while spending your time at Plaza 24 de Septiembre. However, you should also note that there aren’t many activities available for you to do while you are spending your time at Plaza 24 de Septiembre. At most, you will be able to climb to the top of the bell tower or engage in a good game of chess with one of the locals.

Plaza 24 de Septiembre in Santa Cruz

7. Manzana Uno

Arts lovers who come to Bolivia and Santa Cruz never miss out visiting Manzana Uno. It is one of the most popular exhibition spaces that you can find within the country as well. The halls at Manzana Uno are filled with contemporary Bolivian art. The best thing about Manzana Uno is that you don’t need to make an entrance payment to get into Manzana Uno. You can simply walk in and grab the unique experience offered.

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