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Belgium is home to 11.35 million people who are segregated into three distinct regions speaking French, Dutch and German the three very popularly spoken languages in Europe. The country has many things to boast about and the two most prominent would be as the headquarters to the NATO, and of the European Union. It is comparatively small compared to other nations in Europe with just 30,528 square kilometers which is about 11,787 square miles in area.

What it lacks in size Belgium compensates in prominence especially in the world political arena and it is what has propelled it to be the home to two of Europe’s most powerful entities one military and the other economic. Apart from this Belgium offers its discerning visitors some very spectacular sights and places of interest which when visited would linger in the eyes and minds of the beholder until they breathe their last.

Belgium has a very important role to play in world politics and it should be appreciated that they are taking their responsibility seriously and are standing tall among all other nations.

If you are intending to visit Belgium there are some very iconic landmarks which should not be missed as they are stupendous in size and steeped in architectural beauty. All of them have a rich history behind it and which makes interesting for history and nature lovers alike.

bridge over the river zenne

Top Tourist Attractions in Belgium

The Opera House has a history dating back to the year 1695 and since then has undergone many transformations and has now been finally restored and stands as a sentinel overlooking everything that is being performed within its environs. This is a must see for any visitor to Belgium whether they are lovers of opera or not as this flamboyant building is to be seen for anyone to appreciate its sheer beauty.

The Archives is another place of interest for many and houses digital materials dating back to 1959 and houses most of Belgium’s history. It is open to the public and any visitor could avail themselves of any information without any encumbrances.

old houses of Belgium

The La Monnaie Workshops which is directly behind the Opera House is the administrative section of the latter and is a very busy place with continuous activity. It is home to every aspect of the Opera House’s needs and is fully geared and equipped to support it at all times.

The Grand Place or Grote Markt is a place every visitor would throng to as it the central square of Brussels the capital city of Belgium. Here is displayed a very open and vibrant culture especially for interacting among the many visitors who would naturally congregate here.

The Grand Place in Belgium

The Manneken Pis is another landmark in Brussles that would not be missed by anyone. This was placed for display somewhere in 1618 or 1619 and is a copy of the one that was originally sculptured. It shows a small boy urinating into the basin of the fountain. The boy stands in a very different pose and it is art at its best. Those who would make Belgium travel a reality should not miss this very important landmark.

The Manneken Pis in Belgium

Whilst going through your Belgium travel plans it would be prudent to write down the most important travel tips for Belgium which would make your life much easier without having to run from pillar to post. There are many little things that one would miss if they are not list down and once into your vacation you may have to bear the consequences of your action.

The Automium is also another definite place to visit for all those who would make that all important journey to Belgium to enjoy some of the greatest architectural edifices within such a small space. It was built for the Brussels World Fair which was held in 1958. It was where the exhibition took place 60 years ago and is now a museum. It stands an impressive 102 meters tall and is spectacular in design and workmanship.

The Automium in Belgium

Gravensteen is a moated medieval castle that still stands sentinel to what Belgium had to offer in is past history and is another of those edifices that have been preserved for posterity and is the proud boast of this nation. It was the residence of Counts and then a prison, court and also a cotton factory until it was restored.

castle Gravensteen in Belgium

Some of these Belgium tourist attractions are unique to what the country has to offer from the past and having them preserved is what should be appreciated by every visitor to this great nation though it may be small in size. Selecting what you would like to do in Belgium would be the priority because there are ample places of interest for everyone across the divide. Travelling from one place to another is very easy as they are located within close distances as the country itself is small and compact.

The Belfry of Bruges is another one from Belgium’s past and is today a symbol to everyone who live, work and visit the city of Brussels. It has been many things in the past of which it doubled up as an observation post to see whether there were any fires in any part of the country within eyesight. It was a treasury and also a municipality archives and has now been preserved as the central government wants to ensure that all historic places of interest are left for the future generations.

The Belfry of Bruges in Belgium

There are many such places of interest in Belgium and with its small area most places of interest are within easy reach to all those who would visit this country. There are thousands of visitors arriving to see these medieval edifices and enjoy everything that Belgium has to offer with the tourist industry bringing millions of dollars.

Access is very convenient into and out of Belgium which makes it that much easier for all those contemplating of making Belgium one of their travel destinations to enjoy everything they need from history to the art and beyond.

river zenne and houses of Brussels

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