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Brussels is the capital of Belgium, but at the same time it’s the UE capital as well. It’s also the principal seat of the Belgian Royal Family. Aside from that, this is a place full of innovations, yet which also sticks to its past and its amazing vestiges. If you love history, then you totally need to visit Brussels. But at the same time, this is an amazing place to visit for people that love exploring the world and which are passionate about technology and science as well.

Sightseeing Attractions of Brussels

The Atomium is one of the main Brussels attractions and there’s a reason for that. It’s unlike anything you can find in the entire world. The spheres represented here showcase an iron crystal that was magnified 165 billion times. It looks amazing and it will impress you quite a bit. If you want to find some of the most important Brussels points of interest, this is definitely one of the most important ones that you can find out there.

Atomium in Brussels

Mini-Europe is right near the Atomium, and it’s well worth visiting mainly because it showcases miniatures of various important towns and iconic places in Europe. This is great for people that love science and it will impress you with the astonishing detail and the sheer size of it all. Despite being small, these are unique and well worth visiting.

Mini-Europe in Brussels

Manneken-Pis is a bronze statue and it’s basically encompassing the spirit of this city in a very distinct and interesting manner. It’s one of the Brussels attractions that a lot of people want to see just because it’s different, fun and unique to have to begin with.

Manneken-Pis in Brussels

Upon visiting the Parlamentarium, you get to understand the way the parliament works, you can also see various vestiges related to the work that’s being done there and so on. It’s definitely a very interesting and distinct place to check out if you are interested in the European Parliament and their work throughout the years.

Natural Sciences Museum
Every science lover will consider visiting the Natural Sciences Museum in Brussels. This is known for being one of the best things to see in Brussels just because it’s full of artifacts and amazing stuffed animals. You get an insight into our planet’s history and you can actually visualize the way some of the animals looked millions of years ago, among others.

Magritte Museum (Royal museums of Fine Arts)
Those with a great taste in art will find the Magritte Museum to quench their thirst for high quality art. Here you can explore 2500 square feet full of extraordinary art pieces. There are surrealist creations, among others, and you will be amazed with all the 200+ works that are listed here. Basically, if you enjoy anything related to art, this is the best place for you to check out.

Magritte Museum in Brussels

Centre for Fine Arts – BOZAR
Speaking of art, the Centre for Fine Arts – BOZAR is also well worth a shot just because it offers a great sense of culture and quality. Here you can find anything from theater performances to projects, movies, concerts and exhibitions. It’s an extraordinary place to explore especially if you love culture and you enjoy talking about literature or architecture, among many others.

MIM – Musical Instruments Museum (MRAH)
This museum is visually impressive and also quite distinguished. It always offers a very good quality when it comes to the content that you can find in here. It looks amazing and the fact that you can find 9000+ instruments, it’s safe to say that you will be amazed with the diversity and quality that gets delivered in here. It certainly goes to show that you have a whole lot of value to be had here. The wealth of information and the beauty of these instruments will amaze you quite a lot, so you should totally consider giving these a shot right away if possible. You will not be disappointed.

Musical Instruments Museum in Brussel

Speaking of impressive collections, you should not miss Autoworld. This is an amazing historic building where you can find cars and trucks or even motorcycles up to 100 years old or sometimes even older than that. These offer you a great insight into the distant past and you will be amazed by their beauty and visual appeal. If you love great classic cars, then you do not want to miss Autoworld, as it’s one of the main Brussels points of interest that you can find out there.

Autoworld in Brussels

Grand-Place is one of the nicest Brussels attractions mainly thanks tot eh great range of flowers found here and the outstanding architecture. It’s a breathtaking place and one that you will enjoy quite a bit thanks to its great quality and unique set of features.

Grand-Place in Brussels

Belgian Comic Strip Center
The Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée is by far one of the best places for you to see comic strip art. Not a lot of people know this, but this is one of the cities where you can find hundreds of comic strip artists. This is a museum dedicated to comic strips of all kinds. And it’s just a pleasure to explore all these extraordinary artifacts.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart
You can find lots of impressive churches in Brussels, but none quite like Basilica of the Sacred Heart. This is an art deco church, and it’s actually the fifth largest Church in the world. It’s a massive church, and one that impresses you with the outstanding quality, great view of Brussels and decorated interior.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Brussels

There are a plethora of Brussels attractions that you can check out, so if you want to visit a new city you might want to check this out. It really is an extraordinary place to explore and one that you will enjoy seeing again and again. Don’t hesitate and give Brussels a shot right now as there are lots of cool things to see, great food and drinks as well as friendly people to talk with!

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