The soft sand beaches and the crystal clear turquoise water that you can even see the bottom are among the things that makes Nassau Bahamas a top tourist destination for people from all over the world. The Bahamians are warm and very friendly people and there is no doubt that your trip to Blue Lagoon is going to be memorable and fun.

The Bahamians speak and understand English so you have no problem with the language barrier once you are there. The US dollar is also widely accepted. But once you are there where will you stay? Well, as a top tourist destination, this place has some of the best hotels that you will ever lay your eyes on. In this article, we aim at discussing some of these blue lagoon island hotels. They are all amazing with excellent customer care and you are definitely going to enjoy your time here.

Best Hotels of Blue Lagoon Island

1. Remonique Villa

Located in Freeport, this hotel provides visitors with accommodation and exceptional services. It is a beautiful place to be in and secluded as well as quiet so if you love it in a place like this, Remonique is the perfect place for you. To add to that, the air conditioning is on top-level, free Wi-Fi, free parking and a golf course that is within 3 km. it is a place that you will really feel at home.

2. Bajarmar Bed and Breakfast

Among the best hotels that you will find in the Bahamas, it is located in Freeport and it provides you with accommodation that is air-conditioned and of course free Wi-Fi. Once you are in the hotel you can be sure to access a barbecue grill and one of the thing that most people love about this place is the fact that it offers a terrace. The parking is free and you can be sure to get some excellent food prepared by professional chefs. The hospitality is excellent and the setting is just awesome. It is close to Blue Lagoon and it is a place you can be sure to feel at home.

3. The Beach at Atlantis

This resort beach is another place that you can be sure to have a wonderful stay in the few days you will be in the Bahamas. And if you are looking for some spa session while in Blue Lagoon, then you might have found the best Blue lagoon spa resorts island. The spa provided in this place is incomparable and you can be sure of having some excellent dinner in one of the 20 restaurants available.

The guests can “treat” themselves with drinks in one of the many bars available. If you are the guy who likes keeping fit, the beach at Atlantis has got you covered because there is a gym for you. Just like in many hotels, you can be sure of free Wi-Fi. There are more than 420 rooms that offer free Wi-Fi, coffee makers, flat TVs that have cable channels. And there are also other amenities like hairdryers, safes and free local calls. It is a place that you should really consider staying. You can make reservations for spa sessions by calling prior to your arrival. It is a smoke-free environment so kindly avoid smoking.

4. Paradise Island Beach Club by RedAwning

This condo is very close to the Blue Lagoon beach and it is very spacious. The food is excellent and there are several restaurants that you can choose from. It is quite a place that you should consider staying if you are in the Bahamas for a vacation. The place is walkable and it actually has a grocery store. Everything is up to date and it is a very clean place. But if you are looking for a party place then this might not be your best choice.

As for amenities, you can be sure of getting rooms with air conditioning, pool, free Wi-Fi, bar, babysitting, spa sessions, free parking, kitchen, and if you love keeping fit there is a gym you can visit. There is also an outdoor space, a barbecue grill and breakfast is available. Not forgetting that you can play golf at the golf course. This place is a smoke-free property so kindly adhere to that. You should keep in mind that pets are not allowed so if you are planning to stay in this hotel kindly leave your pet at home.

5. Luxury Paradise Island Condo with Pool & Ocean views

Probably one of the best places that you can stay while you are in the Bahamas. This condo offers excellent accommodation and the rooms are spacious and you can be sure of free Wi-Fi just like in many hotels around Blue Lagoon. For the fitness buffs, you can be sure to hit the gym and after that enjoy a spa session offered by a specialist.

The condo features an outdoor tennis court and in addition to that, it also features a sauna. There is a garden where you can take some beautiful picture and concierge services are also available. There are more than 20 restaurants and they all offer great food. If you love scuba diving, this is the place to be. Children are highly welcomed but you will have to leave your pet at home because they are not allowed.

The kitchen is fully equipped for use with, a microwave, oven, toaster, the utensils, refrigerator, stovetop, and dishwasher. The bathrooms come equipped with a shower and tub combination and of course a hairdryer. Customers who have been here are more than satisfied with the services provided by the staff.

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