Top destinations in Asia: where to go and what to see?

Perhaps, there is no more diverse and rich region on the Earth. Not surprisingly, today Asia is the subject of tourist interest. Here are such popular resorts as Turkey, Thailand, the Maldives, India, Israel, the UAE and a lot of developing tourist counties: Vietnam, South Korea, Oman, etc.

In addition, Asia is visited by huge number of tourists in order to obtain spiritual affluence. The world’s most significant religions are represented here: Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. As a result, there are a number of religious monuments, numerous Buddhist monasteries, pagodas and stupas, places associated with the earthly life of Christ, and important mosques.

Top destinations in Asia

Top 6 popular places

Taipei, Taiwan. It is an amazing 300 year old city with amiable residents and cosmopolitan culture. In Taipei, you can eat very well and cheap. Restaurants may not seem fashionable, but the quality of food here is excellent.

Taipei Taiwan

Hokkaido, Japan. Hokkaido is the second largest island in Japan. The climate here is noticeably colder than in other parts of the country. Nevertheless, visitors have a lot to see. For example, the beautiful natural scenery or the mountain villages, where you can bathe in onsen (hot mineral water from a source). It is worth trying delicious seafood: crabs, sea urchins, scallops, etc.

Hokkaido Japan

Shanghai, China. Shanghai is definitely the center of the world. It seems that all 24 million inhabitants of the city are eager to live for pleasure. And they have all the conditions for it. In Shanghai, you can find entertainment for every taste. You have an opportunity to visit Shanghai Disneyland and climb the Shanghai Tower (the second tallest building in the world) and admire the panorama of the city.

Shanghai China

Hua Hin, Thailand. It is the oldest seaside resort of the picturesque Gulf of Thailand and a place of location of the Royal Palace. Immerse yourself in world-famous golf courses, a noisy night market and delicious seafood dishes.

Hua Hin Thailand

Lombok, Indonesia. Lombok is famous for its elegant white sand beaches, lush forests and hot springs. There are enough natural and man-made attractions, thanks to which you will not be bored during the rest on the island.

Lombok Indonesia

Con Dao Islands, Vietnam. Here you can make a trek through the rainforests, where the real wild nature is preserved, or just relax on a white sandy beach and swim in the sea.

Con Dao Islands Vietnam

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