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Emergency state in Sri Lanka: what will be an impact on the tourism industry?

Sri Lanka is a popular country among tourists. The island is rich in first-class beaches, modern hotels and a number of ancient sights. Activities here are completely quiet and peaceful: picnics, fishing and diving.

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Nowadays, Sri Lanka has declared a state of emergency after several days of unrest between the religious communities of Buddhists and Muslims. According to the Sri Lankan edition of the Sunday Times, the state of emergency has been declared for 10 days, so tourists are unlikely to feel any inconvenience. A state of emergency has been declared to keep the country under control and to ensure the safety of people.

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Tour operators have to inform their customers about the situation on the island and tourists should take this information into account when planning their trips.

Why is everyone so calm?

The fact is that the emergency state has been introduced because of riots between the religious communities of Muslims and Buddhists in the central part of the island. This conflict has been going on for about a year and reached its peak in the last few days. The epicenter of the unrest is the areas of Digana and Teldeniya. Firstly, the curfew has been declared in these areas, and then a state of emergency in the whole country. These places are far from the beaches, not less than 150 km.

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Here is an important nuance for travelers: the city of Kandy, which is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site, is in troubled areas. Tourists and pilgrims travel here to visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, one of the main shrines of Buddhism. Tea plantations, which tourists are eager to see during a guided tour, are also located here.

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Tour operators ensure that there are no changes in the guided tour programs at the moment. However, the police intensified patrol in Kandy. Restrictions for tourists have not been introduced. All attractions are open for visitors.

What is more, tourists do not refuse to travel to Sri Lanka, and actively book tours.

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