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Innovation in Japanese visa issuance: New visa requirements for Russian tourists

From June 1, 2018, Japan cancels the system of issuing tourist visas with Japanese travel agencies as a guarantor for Russians. It has been reported in the press service of the Japanese consulate. You can obtain a Japanese visa only on a basis of a simplified scheme.

Applications for tourist visas will be accepted only by the new system: a trip will be financed at own expense, without the presence of a guarantor.

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According to the diplomatic mission, over the past year, Russian tourists have requested a great number of entry documents to Japan according to a new system.

Tour operators also note the positive impact of innovation, as the issuance of a visa through the Japanese guarantor has been more expensive. The disadvantages of the new scheme are that the tourist needs to take a certificate from the bank about the state of the account, provide the hotel reservation and the program of guided tours in the country.

Why does Japan attract tourists?

It should be mentioned that the spring months are especially popular among tourists, who plan to visit Japan. Sakura is blooming all over the country in March and April. At this time, most of the Japanese streets and parks are painted in white and pink tones. This is a time of admiring flowers.

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Japan combines traditions and modernity. Ancient pagodas and torii gates adjoin here with mirror skyscrapers and modern spa centers. In addition to the incredible atmosphere, you can enjoy the unique architecture of Japan: the world-famous Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, the Imperial Palace and many ancient temples.

Golden Pavilion in Kyoto Imperial Palace

There are the best entertainment parks for children: Disneyland, DisneySea, Universal Studios.  In general, Japan is visited by wealthy tourists, who have already visited many countries, as well as businessmen. The prices here are rather high for a budget traveler, and the concept of “low season” does not exist at all.

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