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Kim Jong-un approves: China is banning people with bad ‘social credit’ from using planes and trains

According to the National Development and Reform Commission of China, the new law will not allow Chinese people with low levels of “social credits” to travel via plane or train. The measure will come into effect on May 1.

Kim Jong-un approves

China is known to have a special social credit system, where each citizen earns and loses points according to their financial misdeeds and criminal behavior, and, furthermore, according to what they said and did. Chinese with low scores are punished with a wide variety of restrictions and penalties. The new measure will not actually allow traveling for millions of citizens.

According to Reuters, the new restriction can be applied to Chinese people, who caused “trouble” in flights, shared false data about terrorism attacks, as well as to those who used expired tickets or smoked in trains.

Not to mention, citizens can be banned from buying tickets on planes and trains due to minor offences. Thus, leaving a bike in a footpath or even using insincere apologizes can lead to a traveling ban for one year.

girl ticket treveling

Currently, numerous journalists, lawyers, political activists and lots of other private citizens reported about similar bans.

All in all, the new measure could significantly limit human rights and lead to an increase in the bureaucracy procedures.


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